Wood Countertops for Your Kitchen

Wood Countertops for Your Kitchen

Wood butcher block countertop - Design Build Planners (1)Many home owners view the use of the wood countertops as a cure for the cold of the common stainless steel. Wood countertops have been enjoying a revival after being eclipsed by showy stones like granite and marble. They are usually constructed from the hard wood and are also laminated together with glue making it strong and stable. The hard wood countertop always provides a warm and organic landing surface in a kitchen making it to become gentle and forgiving on dishware and also able to absorb the noise from a busy household. Another advantage about the wood countertop is that it can be repaired when damaged and also can be refinished if in any case it gets stained, dinged or gouged.

Wood butcher block countertop - Design Build Planners (3)The woods for making the countertops are available in an impressive variety, from deep to grained maple, dramatic mesquite to rich walnut and others. Wood countertops are naturally beautiful and that makes it hard to beat its warmth and character. Anyway before one chooses to go for the wood countertops, you need to get a deeper understanding of the materials advantages and disadvantages.

Maple and bamboo are the most popular species for making the wood countertops because they are readily available and also they are sustainable. Mesquite and other local woods like the black walnut or cherry might also be used as materials for making the countertops. Softwoods are usually not advised to be used for making the counter tops since they are not high performing and inappropriate. Wood makes a good countertop material because it has the ability to be fabricated, cut and installed easily by a carpenter. It is also less expensive and faster to procure and install. The color and the character also improve with age. It can also be sanded, touched up and refinished with relative ease.

Wood butcher block countertop - Design Build Planners (4)Some advantage about the wood countertops is that the home owners can cut and eat and do almost everything on it. It also provides a quiet kitchen environment since you won’t be able to hear any click or banging sounds when things are put on it due to its gentle surface. It also provide a warmer surface and is not vulnerable to citrus like some materials are. Many species used for making the wood countertops are also heat resistant and also offers natural anti-bacterial benefits when properly sealed. Home users appreciate the wood countertops because they are comfortable and also can be designed in many ways and lastly I think they are also environmental friendly.


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  1. Kylie Dotts

    I like how you mentioned that wood countertops offer a warm and organic feel to the kitchen. We are going to be doing some kitchen remodeling ourselves and I definitely want some new countertops. Looking at the price for wood in comparison to stone would probably help us decide more quickly because wood has definitely become a contender.


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