Winter Tips for Your Home

Thermometer on snow shows low temperaturesThere are several small tasks that almost any homeowner can do or address around the house as they prepare for winter. With ever-rising fuel bills and diminishing resources, all homeowners should be more diligent with their seasonal preparations. Listed below are a few recommendations and reminders to keep you warm and happy during the winter months.

  • Make certain to lock windows and exterior doors when closed. Securing the lock pulls windows sashes and door tighter to the weather-stripping making a better seal and lessening drafts.
  • Fiberglass insulation in your wall cuts down the transfer of heat. However there still may be gaps where drafts can get in from the outside and find ways into your home. Culprit spots are around electrical outlets and around the perimeter of window and door casing. Good insulation is like a heavy winter coat, but if there is a rip in the coat the wind and draft will make you feel cold. To help cut down on these potential drafts on the outer walls in your home you can purchase and easily place foam gaskets underneath the outlet covers. You can also apply caulking around the joint of the window and door casing at the wall.
  • Ceiling fans are not just for summer. Almost every ceiling fan has a switch that reverses the spinning direction of the blades. In the summer you want the blades to force moving air down, across your body to help stay cool. By moving the switch to the up position, the fan blades will pull the air up forcing the risen hot air down. This air circulation will result in a more even temperature and allow you to lower the thermostat a degree or two while still feeling comfortable.
  • Lastly, not a preparation, but we offer a safety reminder. After an accumulating snow storm, be certain to check that your clothes dryer exhaust vent is clear of snow so it can work properly.

Feet warming near the fireplace   Beautiful snowflake outdoor in Winter.   winter time

The team at Design Build Planners wishes you a very happy winter. Stay warm and don’t be fuelish!

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