Wine Closet in Westfield NJ

These Westfield, New Jersey homeowners and wine aficionados had finished basement, but really wanted to add a wine closet to the area. They hired the Design Build Planners to create designs for the project. Samuels Construction is building and managing the project. To the right is a computer rendering of the planned project.

Below is a bulletpoint overview of the work scope:

  • Combine closet and Fireplace to create a wine closet (approx. 515 bottles)
  • Add stone to the bottom of the wine closet
  • Add shiplap wood to the top of the wine closet
  • Add to existing vertical paneling as needed
  • Double barn glass door access (white to accent bar area)
  • Convert fish tank to bar area
  • White wood panels with door access below
  • Stained trim accent and open cabinets above
  • Mirror center
  • Wood top
  • New recessed lights spaced from the bar area to the wine closet

Below you will find the before pictures




























CAD (Computer Aided Design):





























In Progress:


































































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