Who Will Build Your Remodeling Project?

construction-roof3DDesign Build Planners offers a unique, highly customized pre-construction design and development service. At the design reveal, DBP discusses the various next step options for the homeowner regarding their planned home improvement. One very important question that is addressed is, “Who will build your remodeling project?” This questions applies to any type of project ranging from a basement, bathroom, or kitchen makeover to additions and whole house renovations.

Homeowners have five distinct ways to have their design build remodeling project built. They may choose any of the options fully or plan to do a combination. Design Build Planners reviews each of the construction options with the homeowners and offers advice and guidance. This advice is derived from DBP’s experience and what they have learned about the homeowners as far as their individual capability, inclinations, budget, and desired experience.

Here are the five options with a list of Pros and Cons:

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1) Do It Yourself (DIY)
A homeowner can choose to do all the work themselves without hiring any outside help. Typically as the extent and magnitude of the required construction, and specialty trades such as plumbing and electrical, increases the likelihood of this option decreases.

  • Save money through sweat equity
  • Pride of self accomplishment


  • Extended project duration, lost work time – is free labor truly free???
  • Possible lack of quality craftsmanship
  • Possible extra expense of required tools and equipment


Remodeling trade contractors - Design Build Planners2) Be Your Own General Contractor
This option eliminates the need for a general contractor and or a project manager. The homeowner will seek, research, and hire all the necessary trades people and workers. They become responsible for scheduling and coordination.

  • Recruit and select trade specialists to their liking
  • Save money through personal project management


  • Coordinating many trades people and company schedules
  • Extended project duration, lost work time
  • Divided accountability, troubleshooting problems and issues


3) Hire a Small, Local Individual Remodeler
This refers to any individual “Jack (or Jill) of all trades” that does one project at a time, typically on their own. They are they business.

  • Owner offers Field Production accountability
  • Direct, singular communication


  • Questionable schedule and project management availability
  • Long-term company stability and availability?
  • Jack of all trades…master of none?


Project Manager - Design Build Planners4) Construction Management Company
This is a firm that will coordinate and oversee the workers and trades people. The company performs no work. The homeowners pay the workers directly and a percentage fee to the management company.

  • Save money as compared to a turn-key general contract
  • Clear transparency, homeowner sees where every dollar is going


  • Homeowners have the ultimate responsibility of the project
  • There are multiple points of accountability and warranty from the various workers and companies involved


5) Full Service Remodeling Company
A single company that is solely responsible for the project. Project management is included as well as all the construction components.

  • Departmentalized specialists
  • Project management and schedule coordination
  • Single point project accountability


  • Initial expense is more inclusive and therefore higher
  • Questionable personal attention and project priority


Design Build Remodeling from the Design Build PlannersThere is actually a sixth option! A homeowner working with Design Build Planners will have the ability to use a DBP Preferred Remodeler. These remodelers are hand-picked and vetted by DBP. They all agree to a ten-point list of business practices that make them a great choice for almost any project. CLICK HERE to read the list.

Design Build Planners understands that homeowners will not always hire network remodelers for the project, but they urge them to use this list to hold their selected contractor to a higher standard. Doing so typically delivers a better experience and avoids inherent renovation problems. CLICK HERE to read the seven most common remodeling complaints.

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