Who Will Build Your Next Remodeling Project?

Design Build Planners works as project designers taking our clients through the design and development portion of a remodeling project. This includes the conceptual design using dollhouse overviews and CAD, written scope of work with line item pricing, +/- options, design appropriate product selection allowances (along with introductions to Design Build Planners  Showroom Partners), and calendar schedules outlining project timelines.

At that point, approximately 70% of our clients elect to use one of our full service, turn key, Network Remodelers. You can read about what separates our remodelers here. How do the other 30% of our clients get their projects completed? There are three options:

  • Build it themselves
  • GC it themselves
  • Use a remodeler outside of our network

Below are two reviews from clients who used DBP’s design and development services, but chose a remodeler outside of our network. As you can tell, this option certain adds some variability to the situation. While DBP works for the client and NOT the remodeler, most clients find that our “ground rules” for our network remodelers along with our vetting process goes a long way in terms of getting the project completed in a manner that leaves all parties happy.

“We feel very fortunate to have found Design Build Planners. We were grappling with seemingly impossible design issues of incorporating a washer/dryer into a complete bathroom remodel.

They took on the challenge and assiduously worked to come up with possible solutions. Eventually, they told us that we just didn’t think what we wanted would be feasible within the parameters of our small bathroom.

We had come into this project naively thinking that just because we wanted this, it could be done. We thank this team for their integrity, honesty and frankness in leading us to nix our original plan and proceed in another direction.

The Design Build Planners team perfectly followed my leads in putting together new plans for the room. Eventually, I selected elements I liked from each of their initial 3 plans, and Plan 4 was the perfect envisionment of my dream bathroom

It was rewarding and exciting working with these gentleman. They are professional, creative, knowledgeable, as well as receptive to input from their clients. We were also very grateful to have been introduced by them to venues with excellent service and products for all our plumbing and tile selections.

If we were to remodel again, there is no doubt that we would call upon Design Build Planners.”

G.S., West Orange, NJ

***As you can see, despite electing to go forward with a remodeler outside of our network, G.S. found great value in our design and development along with our VIP Showrooms for the product selections.***

Here is the outcome of her project:



“Our contractor decision was a big mistake. We used two brothers, one of which “was” good friends with my brother and sister in law. Their name is ******* Builders. They didn’t care much after the change orders where done. Finish work was not that great and encountered a few issues with their subs. The worst by far was ******** Tile in Toms River. I can send you many pictures which would make you never want to work with them. We got most of their mistakes resolved, but absolutely terrible work.


We couldn’t have been any happier with the Design Build Planners. While the finished product might not look exactly like when we were working with DBP, the main thing is that we wouldn’t have even gotten close without your help.”

Read M.M.’s review of DBP on Houzz   >>> CLICK HERE <<<


M.M., Spring Lake, NJ


M.M.’s experience illustrates some of the potential variability of using a remodeler outside of our network. While this situation is never entirely preventable, Design Build Planners encourages homeowners to take advantage of our free proposal review. Details about that offer can be found >>> here. <<<

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