White Quartzite Instead of Marble for Countertops

White Quartzite Instead of Marble for Countertops

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White quartzite is becoming a popular choice for kitchen remodeling. Quartzite is a stone that is made of quartz grains, which come from sandstone and chert. Marble is made of carbonate materials like calcite or dolomite. That makes them completely different types of stone; however, they can look very similar.

When it comes to maintenance, marble is the stone that requires the most maintenance. Anything that is acidic in nature will stain. This includes wine, lemon juice, vinegar, and even ketchup. This is an area that quartzite really shines in comparison. If left on, there can be staining, but if cleaned up immediately, quartzite can stand up to acids rather well. Quartzite is also a much more durable surface than marble. This durability reduces the likelihood of not only stains, but scratches and regular wear and tear.

super white quartzite ~ Design Build Planners (1)Another difference is the maintenance required for both of these countertop options. Quartzite requires less maintenance and care. This does not mean that it does not require any maintenance at all. The cleaner should be a neutral pH cleaner, otherwise it could cause damage. Before cleaning the entire counter space with a product, try it out in a test area first to see how the counter reacts to it. It should also be sealed before it is installed to help with the cleanup of the grout used during installation.

When maintained, quartzite can provide your kitchen with a long lasting luxurious look that rivals what you can get from marble. The durability of the stone, if maintained as suggested by the place that you purchased it and those who installed it, can last your entire life. It is a popular choice, especially in commercial areas and other high traffic areas where people rely on their countertop to be long lasting.

Super white quartzite countertop ~ Design Build Planners (1)One big difference between quartzite and marble is the price. Marble is one of the most expensive option for countertop materials. Marble is a luxurious and beautiful stone that has always been desired for high end kitchens. However, not everyone can afford the high price tag that comes with it. White quartzite can often times look very similar if not just like marble, without the price and easily stained surface. For a more durable surface, you can pay less. It is also slip resistant, which is not something marble can say.

Choosing the right natural stone countertop can be such an overwhelming decision. There are so many options to choose from. If you want something that offers the same luxury as marble, white quartzite is an incredibly durable option that is long lasting and quickly become a more popular choice. When buying white quartzite, as with purchasing any other natural stone for your countertop, be sure to look at the slab in person. There are very different nuances from slab to slab, and it is a very personalized piece that is uniquely yours.


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