Which is Healthier: Smoothie or Salad?

Kale and blueberry smoothie recipe from Organic Gurlz Gardens in Fort Wayne Indiana (3)Hi There, Fellow Gardeners!

This is AnnahMarie.

Today, Organic Gurlz Gardens of Fort Wayne, Indiana will be sharing information on which is healthier: smoothie or salad?

Smoothies and juices:
Ranging from smooth to thick consistencies, these beverages are great for supplying a burst of nutrients and flavor to your body.

Smoothies and juices are quite beneficial for the body. Some go on a ‘juice fast’ to lose weight, and some just enjoy a smoothie as a refreshing treat. Don’t miss an opportunity to amp up some energy before a morning jog!

Kale and blueberry smoothie recipe from Organic Gurlz Gardens in Fort Wayne Indiana A tip from Becca:
There are many blenders and juicers out there to choose from. It is imperative to purchase a high quality blender or juicer for your kitchen rather than a cost friendly one – certain blenders may dilute the vitamins and minerals in your smoothie or juice. While the price-tag is appealing, you could be losing precious nutrients; this pretty much eliminates the primary idea of purchasing the blender!

Garden Herb Salad from Organic Gurlz Gardens Fort Wayne Indiana (1)Salad:
Spinach, berries, nuts, broccoli, mushrooms, herbs, and a variety of other fruits and leafy greens can really add some pizzazz in a bowl with a dull appearance.

Many of these ingredients can be placed in a juicer or blender – so what is the difference?
Salad is a wholesome material – instead of being finely grated or chopped, salad is literally the pre-blended mixture of a smoothie.

Why are salads good for the body?
First off, salads are great for supplementing fiber into the diet. Forget just the apple – a salad a day keeps the doctor away! **

Fresh Garden Salad from Organic Gurlz Gardens Fort Wayne Indiana**We at Organic Gurlz Gardens are not pharmacists nor do we practice in this field. We advise checking with your physician for any major diet changes. **

In addition, you will be filling up with all the minerals and nutrients that the fruits and veggies hold!
So, in this kitchen culinary battle, it seems we would have a tie. Smoothies and juices excel in their ‘blend’ of skills, and salad can definitely ‘toss’ up the competition.

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