What to Do With Your Old Cabinets

What to Do With Your Old Cabinets

What to Do with Your Old Cabinets (1)-Design Build PlannersStorage cabinets are a vital part of every household. Though they accentuate the look of the kitchen when they are new, however, they start to lose their charm once they start getting old. When this happens, kitchen remodeling could be one of the options you can consider. Though complete kitchen remodeling can prove to be a great way to give a makeover to your place, it will weigh heavily on your pockets. This makes it important to come up with better ideas to reuse your old storage cabinets, without really spending much.

Tips to handle old cabinets

Here are some tips that you can use to make good use of your old kitchen cabinets:

What to Do with Your Old Cabinets (2)-Design Build PlannersRecycle – You can recycle your cabinet material. This means that you will be reusing the same stuff to either build a new cabinet or come up with another utility that you need. This saves the environment and your money as well.

Upcycle – When you want to upcycle your cabinet to a better one, you may have to shell out a little bit of money. You can paint them differently, you can add on accessories, or you can even change their design to create a new structure. This will make you feel like you have almost had a complete kitchen remodel done.

Donation –You can make a generous donation by giving away your cabinets for free. In this way, you make space for new storage boxes, and less privileged people get to have the much needed cabinets.

Cheaper Remodeling – You can opt to get your kitchen remodeling done by Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity is an establishment that helps people build houses at a low cost. The catch here is that you and your family have to contribute towards the work as well. This will help you be a part of the designing and you can customize your kitchen. It will also save costs for you.

What to Do with Your Old Cabinets (3)-Design Build PlannersReuse – If you decide upon getting new cabinets, you can reuse the old cabinets for something else. You can have them for garage storage, or as a shoe cabinet or as a book shelf. Creativity is your friend here. You can skilfully place them to create altars, or alter them a bit and make them small stools.

If you don’t want to use any of the above options, you can have a garage sale and exhibit them. People will be ready to buy them as they can be used in many ways. They could act as garage storage cabinets, bird boxes, show cases, CD player units and so on.

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