What is Transitional Design?

Transitional Design (1)-Design Build PlannersWhat is Transitional Design?

Transitional design is when two design types, contemporary and traditional come together to create a look that is timeless yet classic. The furnishings in a room that is transitionally designed tend to be simple (no fuss) and have profiles that are rounded or straight.

Transitional Design (2)-Design Build PlannersInterior design is not always easy, you can have a whole host of ideas when you bring together two design styles. A professional in interior design can help you to create the perfect look, which is also great when you are looking to sell your home as it incorporates a look that is appreciated by the masses. Using clean lines and minimizing fuss can help make a room look inviting without being overly fussy with heavy patterns and bright colors that could be off-putting.

Transitional Design (3)-Design Build PlannersContemporary design is commonly a casual look, but uncluttered and clean. It is usually related to open fresh spaces with neutral colors that are inspired by nature itself. Using plants brightens up the room and gives that natural finish that most are hoping to achieve.

Transitional Design (4)-Design Build PlannersThe clean lines are one feature that is often present in contemporary design eliminating overdone patterns that can be hard to match furniture to. This type of design allows for changes with the times making it easier to match new furniture with existing décor rather than having to redecorate the whole space from scratch. This type of design also allows for the modern metal and glass furniture that people opt for adding to the clean look that many are hoping to achieve.

Transitional Design (5)-Design Build PlannersWhen looking at interior design going for something less complicated goes with the old ‘less is more’ saying making the room look bright, airy and inviting. Using natural daylight where possible adds to the natural look, but clever lighting can also give the effect of an open space even in places where there is little space available. Getting the mix right is not always easy, which is where professional design and building assistance can be useful.

Transitional Design (6)-Design Build PlannersA professional will be able to take into account everything you are hoping to achieve in your room(s) of choice and draw up plans that show you the finished product before work even begins. The benefit to this is that alterations can be made to the plans without you shelling out for new furnishings or repainting. In the modern world technology can be used to show you in 3D what to expect from the finished room(s), allowing you to decide whether or not the new design will work for you and your family.

Transitional Design (8)-Design Build PlannersIt’s easy to see why so many people are now looking to change their homes to a transitional type décor, especially seeing how much things have changed even in the past decade. Neutral will never go out of style and will always be pleasing to the eye. Bright colors may be eye catching but not to the tastes of everyone. Why not take the best from two types of design and create a living space that everyone can enjoy?


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