What Is Tempered Glass?

What Is Tempered Glass?

saftey tempered glass for windows and doors - Design Build PlannersTempered glass is a kind of safety glass that has a variety of applications. It is especially used in situations where ordinary glass cannot be used because of its potential danger.

Tempered glass is manufactured under conditions of controlled heat and controlled cooling or sometimes controlled chemical treatments which lead to a significant increase in its strength. This compresses the outer surfaces and creates tension in the inner surfaces, which is what creates tempered glass, or “safety glass”.

Safety glass is highly used and regarded because it stronger than standard glass by almost five times. It will not break into many shards when dropped. Instead, it breaks into pebble-shaped pieces so that there is no danger of sharp edges.

Safety glass is used in a variety of industries and for a variety of equipment and tools. Shower doors, skylights, screens of computers, oven windows, carafes for coffee makers, all benefit from the technology of tempered glass.

The glass at the back and sides of automobile windows is also made from tempered glass. This has led to fewer fatalities when accidents occur. Sliding doors and glass doors that are frameless are also made with tempered glass.

You can also get screen protectors made out of tempered glass for your phones. Since it is also scratch-free, having tempered glass for the screen of laptops and computers ensures that it stays clean and if accidents happen, it does not break either. It is also used to make trays in refrigerators as well as diving masks. It is also used for making bulletproof glass.

There are many international cookware and bakeware companies that use safety glass in their products, such as Corelle, Pyrex, Arc and Glasslock. Tempered glass components can also be seen in the inside of your microwave oven or traditional oven since it can withstand high temperatures.

There are also civic uses for tempered glass, with the government regulating that tempered glass be used when making certain structures that are used by the public extensively. Examples of these are phone booths, solar panels, escalators, bus stops and bus shelters made of glass, stairways, etc. They are used to enclose landings of stairways as well as the top and bottom of stairways.

Tempered glass is extensively used in spas and saunas, in the steam rooms, hot tubs, whirlpools, or sauna areas. There are also used in swimming pools, both indoor and outdoor.

There is no doubt that tempered glass has made significant changes for the better in the quality of our lives, whether saving us from fatal automobile accidents to having better and healthier cookware options. It has given us a revolution in computer and laptop screens as well as mobile phone screens. There is no end to the creative uses of tempered glass!


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