What is Porcelain Tile?

Porcelain floor tile - Design Build PlannersThe market has a wide range of tiles today and every one of them comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. While choosing tiles, most people go for an option that is not only beautiful, but is also affordable. Further, certain issues like cleaning them and maintaining them also must be considered when it comes to choosing flooring options. Some people love to go with stone as it looks aesthetically superior to several other factors irrespective of its cleaning and maintenance issues. Conversely, there are people who love to enjoy the uniform look of porcelain. Also, there are no hassles in porcelain as are usually seen with stone tile floors when it comes to cleaning and maintaining them.

From cleaning and maintenance point of view, two options are perfectly appropriate: porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles. If we have to make a choice between the two, porcelain prove to be a far better option than ceramic tiles.

If specifications of both types of tiles are considered, making the decision regarding porcelain versus ceramic becomes easier. As per the specifications, the porcelain tiles are more scratch resistant and harder than ceramic because porcelain is less porous and denser than ceramic. The idea of the porcelain tiles to be through the body is appreciated by many people as the whole tile stays in the same texture and color as the surface. Additionally, a lot of size, shape and design options are available in porcelain tiles.

The above mentioned characteristics have helped people to make a clear and precise choice when considering durability, quality, easy maintenance, and cleaning factors.

When choosing porcelain tiles, one has to be very careful. Many times, manufacturers just label their tiles as porcelain tiles without testing or verifying the same. Such tiles may not offer the advantages of a quality porcelain tiles. Thus, it is very important that only verified and tested porcelain tiles are bought.

Many times, it has been seen that discount tile stores or home improvement stores sell porcelain tiles that are less than what is expected and a lot of quality issues can be seen in them. Vastly inferior tiles are sold at such stores are actually cheap imports and thus, they have a lot of quality issues. People who have budget restrictions are attracted to such tiles, as they are available at dirt cheap rates. Later on, these tiles may pose a lot of issues in terms of durability, quality and also cleaning and maintaining them may not be an easy task.

In cheap tiles, cleaning them may be a big issue as they may be extremely porous. Also, they may absorb all kinds of spills, dirt and contaminants that are difficult to clean. Moreover, they may not be as attractive as expected from an aesthetic point of view. It is therefore very important that porcelain tiles are bought only from reliable tile stores. They are no doubt a better option than ceramic tiles and careful purchasing can help people enjoy its immense advantages.


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