What is Painter’s Tape?

What is Painter’s Tape?

Applying Painter's TapePainter’s tape, as its name denotes, is tape used specifically by painters in order to keep specific areas of the surface that they are painting free of paint. It is an adhesive tape that is designed to keep the lines of painting trim, neat and crisp. It can be used to protect different types of surfaces, from wood, glass, metal, ceramics, etc. from any potential spills from the paint.

Painter’s tape is usually blue tape so that it stands out and is visible. Although it is adhesive in nature, the adhesive is very light so it can be removed without any hassles. There are different types of painter’s tape for different types of surfaces. So when you go out to buy painter’s tape, it would be good to read the label to see which surface it is designed for and buy the one that corresponds to the surface that you plan to paint for a neater painting trim.

Once you have identified the appropriate painter’s tape, you can start painting the surface. You would first have to make sure there is no dirt, grime, or oil on the surface you are painting and especially where you need to put the tape on. Once you are sure that the surface is completely dry, you can cut off the length of tape that is required. It is advisable to cut off strips and then paste them rather than stretch and cut off the tape, so as to give it some leeway and not have any bubbles inside it.

You would have to ensure that the paint is completely dry before you pull out the strip of painter’s tape that you have used to ensure a neater painting trim.

Painter’s tape or blue tape has uses that go beyond being used just for paint jobs to keep the painting trim and lines neat. You can creatively use painter’s tape in other ways too. If you are the other kind of painter, the artistic type, you can use painter’s tape as a border around your paper or canvas before you start painting. Peel off the painter’s tape after your painting is done so you have a border around your painting that is neat and ready to be framed! You can also use painter’s tape to make markings on wood or other surfaces when you are involved in a woodworking or other handicrafts project. You can also use painter’s tape to label important things when you travel so that they don’t get mixed up or lost.


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