What is Glazing in Cabinets?

What is Glazing in Cabinets?

Glazing on kitchen cabinets - Design Build Planners (1)The kitchen is easily one of the most important rooms in your home, however, when it looks outdated with drab looking cabinets, it can be really unappealing and not somewhere you enjoy spending your time. Fortunately for you, however, you can easily improve the looks of your cabinets and brighten up the kitchen with some old school charm. One of the best ways for you to go about doing this is to use cream paint and glaze and what makes this an even better option is that it is an affordable option for any budget and it is an easy to do DIY project.

Prepping Your Cabinets

Glazing on kitchen cabinets - Design Build Planners (2)The first thing that you will need to do when you plan to refinish and refresh your cabinets with some cream paint and glaze is to prepare them the right way. This means that you will want to remove the cabinet doors, drawers and any hardware. You will also want to clean everything with a degreasing cleaner to be sure that it is clean as possible. You will also want to use a de-glosser so that any greasy residue is removed. Sand the cabinets a bit using 100 to 220 grit sandpaper. Using a primer can be beneficial if you have tight-grained wood, such as cherry or maple, and you will find that oil-based primer works the best.

Paint and Glaze

Glazing on kitchen cabinets - Design Build Planners (3)When you are painting, the cream color you choose is important but always be sure to choose an oil-based paint. It dries to a harder finish, is easy to clean and is so much more durable. You will want to choose a cream that leans more towards a white shade than a yellow shade. You can use a foam roller brush to apply the paint as well as a brush for the smaller areas. You must remember that you can only paint one side of a door at a time and allow a drying time of at least 25 hours. You need to be sure that the cream paint is dry before applying your glaze. You can purchase a pre-mixed glaze in a variety of colors, but be sure you choose a color that matches the rest of your kitchen. Use an oil-based glaze as well and be sure to start on the back of your doors until you get a glazing technique down pat. Give the glaze plenty of time to try before moving to the front of your cabinets.

Glazing on kitchen cabinets - Design Build Planners (4)Painting and glazing your kitchen can make it look so much better than it does now and can make one of your most used rooms a place you actually want to spend your time. Painting and glazing is a great DIY project that you can easily do yourself once you get the hang of things. Be sure that you follow directions, let things dry the way they need to and soon, you will be enjoying your newly refreshed kitchen. This will be a job that you can be proud of!

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