Making Your Businesses, Remodeling Project, or New Home Construction More Professional

The Design Build Planners offer three broad categories of products and services:

  1. Coach and train remodelers that want to add design build remodeling to their company or enhance the design build systems they already have in place. Specifically, DBP has a Selling System that has estimating, client presentation, contract writing, accounting, commission schedule, production tracking, and more integrated modules. DBP provides sales training and motivational speaking sessions. DBP can also assist with and enhance marketing strategies and production procedures. These items can be provided either in person or via web conferencing anywhere in the United States.
  2. Design Build Planners can act as a remodeler’s or builder’s remote design and development department for renovation or new construction projects anywhere in the United States.
  3. Design Build Planners work directly with homeowners planning a remodeling or new construction project. As part of the process, DBP will suggest the Preferred Network Contractor that is most appropriate for the client and project. DBP also offers the homeowner an ongoing consultation and oversight for the pre, during, and post production phases.
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Homeowners or contractors can schedule a 15-minute phone call, at a time convenient for them, with Jason or Neil Parsons to discuss a project or any industry topic using this link:

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