Wet Bars: Options and Features

wet bar design build remodeling (1)A wet bar is an excellent add on to your house, especially if you enjoy entertaining guests frequently. Preferably, it should be installed in the area where you like to host your company. Wherever you decide to place it, make sure it matches the overall style and design of the space.

Normally, hosts spend a large part of the evening just fixing drink for their guests. It can often be a hassle to find everything and get it all together. A home wet bar sets in an entirely different culture for entertainment. Fixing drinks now only consists of standing in one place and fetching all the required items from a single location, while the host is still able to be a part of the conversation.

wet bar design build remodeling (2)To get a wet bar in your house, you would first have to decide the type of appliances you would want, the shape and size of the bar, the lighting features, wood options and other such minute details.  The lighting is especially important to set the right mood for the bar. The different lighting style can really set the whole bar off.  You can even install a stereo system in your wet bar to add to the entertainment, just add in a few little speakers for a little music to go with your conversations.

wet bar design build remodeling (4)There’s more to a wet bar than just storing liquor and making drinks. If you like to entertain diverse social groups, you would need to ensure there is adequate storage for different liquors, wines, and beers. A wet bar would give you access to that kind of storage. Consider your needs and lifestyle when figuring out what kind of wet bar to get.

The most popular type of wet bar is a straight or L-shaped one in a finished basement, where most of the entertainment is usually at. However, you could get one wherever you’d prefer, in another style as well. An elliptical shaped bar or a circular one may be a better fit for your area and decor. Most of these wet bars are made from wood or stainless steel. You could use wood for a traditional look or stainless steel if you’re aiming for a more modern undertone.

Once you have your wet bar, get the right accessories for it, like beer mugs, shot glasses and ice buckets and so on. You could even add classy wall hangings to create a bar decor.

Below are some additional wet bar photos.

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wet bar design build remodeling (7)   wet bar design build remodeling (8)   wet bar design build remodeling (9)

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