Wet Bar Options For Your Home

NJ wet bar - Design Build Planners (1)Wet Bar Options For Your Home

Are you considering installing a wet bar in your remodeling project? It is really a great idea whether you entertain regularly or it is just for your family get togethers. Some people think that it is better to install just a dry bar with a small fridge in order to save money on the plumbing and the fixtures. Just think about how much time and frustration a wet bar is going to save you, though. When it comes to dishes, getting a drink of water, or cleaning up a quick mess, it just makes sense to have a sink with your bar.

NJ wet bar - Design Build Planners (2)Another cool option for your wet bar is a kegerator. A kegerator is a beer dispensing device that you always have in your home. Basically a keg of beer is stored in a fridge in order to keep it cool. If you install a kegerator, you can keep tapped beer at your disposition for up to a couple of months without ever losing taste or quality in the beer. Kegerators are most often purchased at home improvement stores, but people can also make their own using repurposed refrigerator and freezer products. It of course requires an initial investment, but in the end it ends up being cheaper than continually buying six packs of beer. Also, if you would rather have a more expensive craft beer than something simpler like Budweiser, you can actually save money on the higher-class beer by buying it in bulk. It also gives the impression that you are really in a bar, with beers on tap, so it changes the ambiance of your home bar a bit.

You can purchase all kinds of kegerators, from ones specifically built to be outdoors, to ones made just for stout beer. There are plenty of kegerator vendors out there, but if you want something very specialized, there are plenty of instructions on how to make your own kegerator.

NJ wet bar - Design Build Planners (3)An essential part of your wet bar is going to be a beverage center. You will need a place to keep all of your delicious beverages! It depends what kind of drinker you are, but you will probably want some kind of refrigerator for beers and white wines. If you drink primarily beers, you can purchase just a regular small fridge, but try to find one with a glass door so you can always see what you have. You can keep soda, juice, and other mixers in there as well to go with your hard alcohol.

For wine drinkers, you will want something a little bit different, like a fridge that comes with specialized temperature controls and a rack. You will of course need a separate wine holder to keep all of your reds.

NJ wet bar - Design Build Planners (4)You can also find pretty cool mini-fridges that are made for both wine and beer, which generally look pretty classy and nice. Really, the possibilities for your beverage center are endless. You can find specialized refrigerators with varying themes, or refrigerators that have cool lighting.


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