Wet Bar for Home Entertaining

If you enjoy entertaining often, you might want to add a wet bar to your home. It should be installed where you’ll host most of the time. Sometimes, that’s next to the kitchen. Other times, your wet bar is located in a rec room, great room, library, office or even in your outdoor space.

This wet bar set up is located in the basement, which was expertly remodeled by Mark of Excellence Remodeling in Monmouth County.

Whichever location works best for you, ensure that you tie it in with the overall style of the space and design it to meet your most frequent entertaining needs. Here are some sensible-style strategies to get your wet bar planning started. You can find products for your wet bar at the DBP Home Shopping Store.

These other photos of wet bars are from Houzz.com. Which is your favorite?

One thought on “Wet Bar for Home Entertaining

  1. Donna Frasca

    Having a bar in my own home, I like the first bar so much better because it’s cozy and it looks like a place you’d really want to just hang out in and enjoy.The other bar looks too much like an office. I’d like to also add that no bar is complete without some type of set up for music. Even small speakers hidden somewhere would do just fine but leave out the TV – conversation is key in a bar, not watching TV. My bar is dedicated to an entire room in my house – the very first room on the left as you come into my home, opposite the dining room.


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