Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Garden

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Outdoor garden design - Organic Gurlz Gardens Fort Wayne IndianaThis is AnnahMarie.

Today, Organic Gurlz Gardens of Fort Wayne, Indiana will be sharing information on Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Garden.

We at Organic Gurlz Gardens are here to share numerous ways to add some zest to the garden. Between hedge shapes and a nice patio hammock, Organic Gurlz Gardens has your outdoor sanctuary covered.

Plant, Plant, Plant!:
One way to dapper up the garden is to plant, of course! Flowers, ornamental trees, and bushes can really add style to your garden. Whether you’re searching for sophistication or playfulness – or even both – remember to keep on planting!

*Don’t just plant in your yard! Bring some potted plants onto the patio or indoors! The fresh fragrance of thyme and other herbal essences create awesome scents that float around the home.

Fun Shapes:
Fruits and vegetables aside, the pruning of hedges and bushes can DEFINITELY influence the atmosphere of the garden. From a shaped hedge made by a cat enthusiast to a nice circular trim, the prune-a-tude of a hedge can add nice elements to the garden.

The best outcome for your garden is Organic Gurlz Gardens!
We guarantee our raised garden beds for 5 years, with maintenance and care.

Although a fence is more of a ‘background’ piece, it can certainly tie a garden together. Picket and Iron fences are both nice touches to complement the delicacy of a garden.

Outdoor garden design - Organic Gurlz Gardens Fort Wayne IndianaLaying the ground work:
Walkways throughout the outdoor plants supplement a bit of light-heartedness into the ambiance of the garden. Brick, stone, and pebble walkways are all great additions according to your garden ‘theme’.

Lawn furniture:
Every now and then, we all want a get together to have some laughs, great food, and enjoy fun games. Plan ahead for your reunion for ten – or two. Outdoor sets such as a cute table and chairs can liven up the garden – and one’s spirit.

Even if it’s relishing a mug of fresh lavender tea while the sun is greeting the hummingbirds (whom seem to want a sip of your tea) a simple piece of lawn furniture can spruce up the outdoor oasis.

Don’t forget to tell your kids, grandchildren , nieces and nephews about the Kids Oasis!

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Keep on growing!

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