Washing Machines

front loading washing machineAlthough a front-load washing machine and a top-load washing machine both share the same purpose, they have quite a few differences. A front-load washer is most convenient when placed on top of something to keep it elevated such as a pedestal. You can also use a stackable washer and dryer. You must have the room to accommodate one on top of the other and also  comfortably be able to remove the laundry out from the dryer. Otherwise it will be on the floor and it will cause plenty of back aches bending down for laundry. While the top-load washer design is easy to load but can be hard to reach down and get the laundry out.  One of the most important things to consider is what will fit best in your laundry room. They are generally similar in width but different in depth. Front-load washers can also be taller than top-load washers if you decide to set it on top of something such as a pedestal. The control panel for a front-load washer as you can imagine is located in the front, while a traditional top-load washing machines control panel is located on the back of the unit. The newer top-load washers are offering the control panel on the front of the unit making them more convenient. A competitive advantage that has made front-load washers rise in popularity recently is how energy efficient they are. But, new top-load washers have been progressing and closing the energy efficiency gap. Washing machineFront-load washers do not include and agitator while only some manufacturers make the standard top-load washers with an agitator. An agitator lowers washtub capacity, but drawstrings can get caught in the agitator during the wash cycle. Some consumers even argue agitator’s clean clothes better. Personal preference is always a big factor in deciding on which washing machine to purchase. Another difference to take into account is if you have a gas connection or a 240-volt connection in your laundry room. If you do not have a gas connection, then an electric dryer is the way to go. It can be expensive to have a gas connection installed even though gas dryers save time since they are able to dry clothes faster.

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