Wall Sconces for Your Remodeling Project

Wall Sconces for Your Remodeling Project

Wall sconces add class to a remodeling project, with very little funding and almost no hassle. They’re easy to install, versatile, and they let your personality shine in any room.

There’s something timelessly appealing about sconces – perhaps due to the fact that they resemble the original form of indoors lighting, the torches that used to hang on the walls of medieval castles, even before candles and chandeliers were brought in. There’s something intimate and cozy about how they spread their light – even those with a very modern design tend to be rather reassuring and comforting.

Save Some Money, and Some Strain for Your Eyes

wall sconces for remodeling projects - Design Build Planners (2)Wall sconces are quite versatile: they can be used as work lights, if placed correctly – even if the direction is not as mobile as it would be with a table light, they can still be very effective. Additionally, they make excellent accent lights, with very low costs. You don’t need to keep all the ambient lights on for the entire night in order to feel comfortable – a few small sconces are enough to supplement safety lights. (Children who are afraid of dark love them, too!)

More Light for Passageways and Corridors

Long, dark passageways and staircases are the traditional home of wall sconces. They can really brighten up any room, improve the safety, and create points of interest on the walls in a place that would otherwise be dull and functional. There are some classic rules and proportions used in such cases – the sconces are typically installed at the height of two thirds of the room – that way you can be sure they won’t blind anyone by shining right into their eyes.

It’s a Game of Light and Shadow

When people install light fixtures, they generally think about where the light will be cast. However, in case of sconces, shadows matter just as much. There will be shadows – that’s the whole point, and you have to make sure they’re not creepy or frustrating. You don’t want to cast a shadow over a design element that would be interesting for the viewer, and also you don’t want to leave the impression that you’re just hiding some areas where you don’t want to dust too often.

Be Stylish – No Matter What Your Decoration Style Is

Remodeling projects are quite stressful, there’s always so much to think about, and so many details to take into account. You’ll spend plenty of time looking for the perfect appliances and furniture piece – sconces can be one worry less, because there are so many types available on the market, it’s impossible not to find something perfectly suitable for your decoration style. They can be as discreet as you need them, but you may also want something flashy, that provides interesting and colorful accents even with the lights turned off. You may want to add balance to a room (that’s why sconces are typically sold in pairs or even numbers), but funky and mismatched can also be interesting. Your imagination is the only limit, you’ll find the perfect sconces out there.



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