Walkout Basement

Basements can have a connotation of being dark and dreary. One primary focus when planning a basement remodel is to brighten the space. However, not all basements are fully underground. This type is known as a walkout basement. Some refer to this style as a “daylight basement” since there is the incorporation of a wall with doors and windows that allows for access to the backyard.


There are a lot of factors that go into the capability of being able to have a walkout basement. You will most commonly find this type of basement in an area where the outside grading is sloped. Generally, the greater the slope, the less expensive the walkout basement option becomes. The slope of the finished soil grade needs must angle downhill from the house so that the flow of water is able to move away from the foundation. It is also important to note that the type of soil in your area makes a great difference; thus a soil testing company would need to be involved in order to achieve a walkout basement.

The ability for design creativity with a walkout basement also far exceeds what you can do with a traditional basement remodel. While a typical basement also leaves you forced to work around ceilings and mechanicals, a walkout basement gives your a plethora of options.

With the basement being at ground level and including a wall with a door, a homeowner is presented with the opportunity to have the “walkout” go into a fantastic outdoor living space or outdoor kitchen. With the thought of having the walkout basement transition into something such as an outdoor kitchen, one can almost look at the combination being a “home away from home”. Those who enjoy an outdoor aesthetic can also go in many directions with the landscaping options.


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