Vinyl and Wood Windows

The two most popular window options for home owners are vinyl and wood. Vinyl-frame windows are incredibly energy efficient. This is due to the fact their structure allows for them to boost insulating ability by trapping air, and vinyl windows can be built to fit any size opening.Window Remodeling (7)

Wood-frame windows are considered to be the best among many professional installers and homeowners. They’re strong, beautiful and energy efficient. However, they are also the most expensive.
To summarize the consensus opinion on wood versus vinyl windows, they are both energy efficient. The aesthetics of the wood windows are often given the edge over vinyl windows. However, the trade-off is that wood windows often require more maintenance.

Below are some images of window remodels.

Window Remodeling (1)   Window Remodeling (2)   Window Remodeling (3)

Window Remodeling (4)   Window Remodeling (5)   SONY DSC

Window Remodeling (6)   Window Remodeling (9)   Window Remodeling (10)

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