Victorian Interior Design

Victorian Interior Design

classic style vintage wooden chairPerhaps one of the most distinctive interior design styles is the Victorian Interior Design. Having risen to prominence during the Victorian era, Victorian Interior Design is characterized by its extravagance and excess which it employed not only in the decorative items in a room, but really in the room itself. Truthfully, there is very little in Victorian Design philosophy that could be viewed as plain or ordinary.

Victorian Design is often very luxurious, employing large ornate mirrors, extravagant chandeliers, very large pieces of furniture with plenty of cushion in the sofas and chairs. Draperies are frequently long, extending from ceiling to floor often with excess fabric at the top or bottom. The color palette is typically pastel, with colors being bright and vivid so as to draw the eye to pieces of decoration that are important in the room.

Victorian Interior Design also champions organization striving to maintain an uncluttered and well sorted room. It is very uncommon to find a Victorian room that does not appear very well thought out, with a clear place where each item in the room belongs. This will appeal to people that are structured and wish to have predictability with their design.

Victorian really adheres to a fairly narrow view of what does and does not apply to the design philosophy. Straight lines generally are not present in decorations, and fabrics and woods are usually ornate. If there is a mantle in the room, it will likely be carved and molding will match. The idea of course is that even though the room is ornate and extravagant, it still presents cohesive principles of design, letting even those who do not have an eye for it know that everything in the space belongs together.

For those who utilize Victorian Design in their home, it will give them a flexible room that can be used for many purposes and that feels warm and welcoming. Despite the luxurious feel of many Victorian rooms, they are almost without fail comfortable and accommodating. This has all led to Victorian becoming one of the most popular and indeed recognizable interior design philosophies over several centuries.

Overall, Victorian Interior Design is viewed as a design option for many people and in many applications. Though it is becoming less and less likely to find Victorian Interior Design in buildings, it still maintains prominence in homes, particularly for people on the higher end of the societal wealth spectrum. Due to its extravagance, ornate carvings, luxurious fabrics and higher end materials, Victorian Interior Design is generally a more expensive design philosophy to implement. Nonetheless, the exact materials and designs are not required and Victorian can be done for a more reasonable price by simply adhering to the design principals of order, decluttering, utilizing large furniture, employing mirrors and large windows to increase how large a space is perceived and of there is a mantle in the room, making it the focal point.

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