Vaulted Ceilings for Your Interior Remodel

Spacious livingroomVaulted Ceilings for Your Interior Remodel

Looking to make a room or rooms in your home stand out? One sure way to change that and to add character to every home is to vault your ceilings for one room (or several, if you own a big property). There are various potential disadvantages to having vaulted ceilings, but the looks are, indeed, spectacular.

Vaulted Ceilings Fit Certain Types of Designs and Personalities

vaulted ceiling for remodeling project - Design Build Planners (2)You may have admired vaulted ceilings in other homes, but are they right for you? There are two types of designs that fit vaulted ceilings like a glove: the first one is characterized by grandeur and lavishness (they’re called cathedral ceilings for a reason – they have appeal and the aesthetics of a grand building). This can be used with great success to hide flaws in the original design – for example, if a two-level building and a one-level building have been joined to form one house, you can consider adding vaulted ceilings to the smaller room to create the illusion they’re on the same height.

The second type of design is the rustic one, with small and unconventional spaces, which can really benefit from being opened up and enlarged.

Vaulted Ceilings Do Not Come Cheap

vaulted ceiling for remodeling project - Design Build Planners (3)This is a fairly complex project (don’t even think about doing it yourself, you’ll definitely need a contractor for this). Moreover, vaulted ceilings almost always require large, wall-to-wall windows – which are a great way to bring in more light, of course, but it also adds to the expense of the project. As for nighttime, vaulted ceilings invite the installation of a chandelier – which is also quite expensive and high-maintenance.

Convenience Is an Important Factor

Simple, everyday tasks, such as changing the light bulbs and cleaning the ceiling rafters become quite tricky to manage, since you’ll always need a ladder to get up there. It’s fun for a young and active couple, but it’s definitely a bad idea for an aging person with limited movement capacity.

Some Houses Are Better Fit for Vaulted Ceilings

vaulted ceiling for remodeling project - Design Build Planners (4)Sometimes it’s impossible to get what you want – and the biggest deal breaker in this case is a chimney, since you can’t vault the ceiling around it. Additionally, roofs with trusses generate more expenses, since they’re more complicated to adapt. Moreover, there will always be wires and pipes to reroute – this is fairly routine in such cases, but be prepared for the additional expense.

Think on the Long Term

vaulted ceiling for remodeling project - Design Build Planners (5)This is not a cheap project, and it won’t become cheaper in the long run, either. However, vaulted ceilings can make a room look really impressive, especially in combination with enlarged windows. This definitely adds a “WOW!” factor and can be an extremely strong selling point when the time comes.


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