Vanity Light Options

Vanity lighting is an important, but often overlooked component of bathroom remodels. The right lighting can make all the difference! With the bathroom often being a place to unwind or recharge, don’t underestimate the importance of the lighting. Below, you will find more information on the technical aspects of bathroom vanity lighting.

Bathroom vanity lights are most often wall mounted above the mirror or recessed lights. As a practical and stylish design option, consider lighting that is at head height and not above. Above lighting will cast shadows while lighting at the 5′ – 6′ height is better for personal tasks such as shaving and applying makeup.

Head height lighting can be achieved with wall sconces on the sides of mirrors.

Another thing to consider is the light bulb you choose. There is always the regular incandescent bulb, but for a few more dollars, you can upgrade halogen or compact fluorescent bulbs. Upgrading your light bulb selection will often result in the bulb lasting longer and can completely alter the feel of the bathroom.

Take a look at some vanity light options below!












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