VanHearron Coatings

VanHearron LogoYour home and the remodeling you chose to do are both extremely valuable investments. Like any important investment, they should be monitored and protected. VanHearron features many products that have been specifically developed to address needs in the home care, home design, and home remodeling industry.

Each VanHearron product is painstakingly run through practical usage tests. VanHearron specializes in products for the tile, grout, and natural stone industry.

Additionally, VanHearron has equally innovative products for concrete masonry & unfinished wood.

Listed below are the products featured from VanHearron.

  • Mighty Indigo Clean
  • Satin Finish
  • Indigo Scrub
  • High Gloss
  • Grout Release
  • Haze-Away
  • Efflorescence Remover
  • Mighty Indigo
  • Deep Seal
  • Inhance Once and Done
  • Inhance Stages
  • Top Grout
  • Solo Seal
  • OMG! (Concentrated Cleaner)
  • Stain Guard 5000
  • GroutOnce!


VanHearron Logo

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