Using Homeowner Supplied Materials

Using Homeowner Supplied Materials

Using Homeowner Supplied Materials for Your Project-Design Build PlannersHomeowner purchased supplies are not uncommon in home remodeling projects. A homeowner will sometimes choose to go this route in order to avoid a markup from the contractor that they choose to work with. In addition, some homeowners just enjoy the experience of shopping for the products as it means a feeling of greater control over the job. Homeowner purchased supplies also have some benefit to the contractor. First, costs are reduced as the contractor does not have to procure the supplies. Further, time is saved as the contractor doesn’t have to spend time shopping. However, there is a potential fall back to using homeowner purchased supplies.

The potential issue? If a homeowner purchases a product and an issue unrelated to the contractor’s installation arises, the contractor maintains no responsibility, and the homeowner could be burdened with extra stress and costs. In addition, there is a potential issue of procuring the supplies on time in order to fit with the contractor’s working schedule.

In a recent article from Lowes Professional Services about the topic of homeowner purchased supplies, Jason Parsons, Chief Designer at Design Build Planners said the following:

“It is imperative that the contractor supplies a detailed list of what the client is required to buy, and when the materials will be needed for the project.”

“The contractor should review orders to make sure he completely understands which materials are selected, and that they work with other selected materials,” he says. “The time to review these orders should be accounted for in overall project management when estimating the cost of the job.”

You can read that full article here.

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