Why Use a Tankless Water Heater?

bathroom design build remodeling and tankless water heaters (1)If you are using a traditional water heater you have probably experienced lack of hot water while showering or you had to wait for 30 minutes in order for your water heater to produce hot water. But did you know that there is a way to make this process faster and you get hot water whenever you want without paying high gas or electric bills? The solution comes in a form of a tankless water heater, a type of water heater that is getting very popular these days.

bathroom design build remodeling and tankless water heaters (2)Tankless water heaters are the best option for big families. Those who live in big families know how difficult it can be if everyone decides to take a shower one after other because the last one will probably run out of hot water. With a tankless water heater you can get hot water any time you want in a matter of seconds. Since they are able to produce hot water in such a short period there is no need for them to be big like regular water heaters. This means that those who use tankless water heaters will have more space in their bathroom, garage or wherever this heater will be placed.

When planning a bathroom remodeling project or an addition including a new bathroom, the possibility and option of utilizing a tankless water heater heater should be discussed. Bathroom project with large soaking tubs are prime candidates for dedicated hot water on demand system.

bathroom design build remodeling and tankless water heaters (3)Tankless water heaters are superior when it comes to durability too. Regular tank water heaters last for around 10 years while tankless water heaters last up to 20 years. This is the reason why they usually have longer warranties too.

Besides space, this type of water heater can save you money too. Instead of heating water every day regardless of the fact that you might not even need that water for the current day, tankless water heaters allow you to heat water whenever you actually need it. According to some statistics this can cut your energy costs for 20-30% per year.

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