Urban Interior Design

Urban Style Interior Design

Among the most popular interior design philosophies today is urban style interior design. Common of course in Urban areas whether buildings that once functioned as factories and early 20th century office buildings are being re purposed as living spaces, urban style makes use of the existing design elements of the building.

Interior stone in remodeling - Design Build PlannersUrban Style Interior Design is commonly associated with brick walls, air ducts, water towers, exposed materials and wide open spaces. High Ceilings, hardwood floors and heavy metal doors. All of the design elements that were brought into these buildings by the original craftsman are repurposed to create a cohesive design theory that is growing in popularity every day. While not common in many newer neighborhoods, and certainly less common in suburban areas, Urban Style Interior Design is regularly seen in businesses, particularly bars and clubs that are located in parts of town where the design elements of the Urban Style are already found within the buildings in which these businesses reside.

The industrial feel of an Urban Design does not always present a warm and welcoming motif to the people entering the space. Urban design is regularly viewed as suitable for young people that are working in the city, who do not necessarily need the soft comforts that one might find in Victorian design. It is viewed generally as not suitable for children, or elderly people who may get chills from the fact that there is so much open space.

Urban Interior Design ~ Design Build PlannersUrban Interior Design is certainly an acquired taste, and is not something that works for everyone. It is also often building specific as unless someone lives in the right type of building, being able to properly execute a design plan in an Urban Style is very difficult.

Nevertheless, its distinct characteristics do find appeal in a very broad base of individuals. Utilitarian pieces of furniture are often seen in Urban Style designs. Metal or heavy wooden tables, no frills couches and chairs that may or may not have been a part of the original design of the building, gates, square pillars and columns and concrete all have a place in Urban Style Interior Design. Urban Design also make use of glass surfaces. Perhaps a glass wall to separate rooms, glass table surfaces, or even simply large windows that allow for lots of light to enter the room. Since Urban Interior Design often utilizes darker colors, browns and grays and silvers, letting a large amount of light into the room is necessary as visibility can be impaired otherwise.

Interestingly, with Urban Design, there is rarely a primary focal point of a room, instead, there may be two or more focal points all accentuated by the stark contrast of the often bare walls that surround it.

Urban Design is, as said, a very unique interior design, not for everybody, but it nevertheless allows the owner of the space to express their individuality in a way that few designs can.

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