Upper Cabinets for Your Kitchen Remodel

Many kitchens don’t have upper cabinets occupying the space reaching the ceiling. They provided multiple purposes such as increased storage space and give the opportunity to display items, all while provided a more finished look to the kitchen.  Upper kitchen cabinets, or stacked cabinets are perfect for seasonal cookware or other appliances that get very little use annually. Also ideal for those of you with a collection of cooking utensils or silverware. How often can one complain about having too much storage space?

Another positive of the stacked cabinets is that you can access with glass to showcase items and add a decorative accent to the kitchen. They can also enhance the lighting in the kitchen. Any glass cabinet has the opportunity for an interior cabinet lighting which helps to create somewhat of a spotlight effect on decorations or showcased silverware you may have. Having the stacked soffit cabinets gives the kitchen more of a finished look. Now like all things there are some disadvantages to installing upper cabinets. In some cases, installing upper cabinets can give off a more of a cramped feeling if the kitchen is on the smaller size. They are also uneasy to access. With the wall cabinet being at an uneasy height to access, it makes cleaning and upkeep that much harder as well.

When it comes to pricing, the overall premise is quite simple. To have more cabinets it cost more money. On average for a small or medium-size kitchen they cost around $5,000 extra for just the cabinetry. And then depending on what you want for example glass cabinets will drive the price upward.

More examples of upper, stacked, soffit cabinets in kitchen remodeling project:



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