Universal Design for the Bathroom – European Wet Room

European Wet Room (4)There are two popular trends in the bathroom remodeling industry. First, many homeowners are electing to do away with the bath tub and build larger, more elaborate showers. Secondly, the curbless shower is growing in popularity. The “step” or “curb” in the shower is often a feature that does not provide much in the minds of most homeowners and can even be unaesthetic.

The hot ticket item right now is the European Wet Room. The European Wet Room removes the shower curb and effectively blends the bathroom floor as one. The wet room has been utilized in Europe for over 30 years, and contains two parts, a shower pan and a waterproof membrane kit. This style completely alters the dynamic of the room by opening it up. The European Wet Room is truly a beautiful design.

Below are pictures of European Wet Roams from Trending Accessibility, who has a product line stocked in New Jersey.

European Wet Room (1)   European Wet Room (2)   European Wet Room (3)

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