Unique Household Uses For Eggs

unique household uses for eggs - Organic Gurlz Gardens Fort Wayne Indiana (1)Hi There, Fellow Gardeners!

This is AnnahMarie.

Today, Organic Gurlz Gardens of Fort Wayne, Indiana will be sharing information about Unique Household Uses For Eggs.

Despite the reputation of only being a breakfast food, is there anything else it can actually do? While eggshells can obviously be used for compost, what more is it good for? Read on to learn about the way we at O.G.G. use eggshells and eggs!

Temporary Band-Aid:

Out of Band-Aids? Using egg whites is great for when a surprise cut springs up!

We at Organic Gurlz Gardens practice applying a thin layer of egg whites to the wound. The whites will dry out and create a temporary shield against dust and dirt. In addition, the minerals in eggs whites will work at their best to help heal the injury!

Pack some in the “Natural First-Aid Kit” – it is an awesome additive after all!


unique household uses for eggs - Organic Gurlz Gardens Fort Wayne IndianaHave an upcoming science project but failed to recall to purchase the necessary glue? Have no fear! We at Organic Gurlz Gardens practice whisking egg whites and then dabbing or brushing a layer of egg whites wherever the “glue” is needed.

Be careful not to stick your hand to the kitchen table!

Cat be-gone:

Is the feline friend attempting to steal some Cat-nip? We at Organic Gurlz Gardens have researched that placing a few crushed eggshells around the cat attracting area may help deter the kitten. So just place a few on your windowsill or in a secluded section of the countertop and let the kitty repelling powers take place.

Egg carton:

Using egg cartons for planting seedlings is a common method at Organic Gurlz Gardens. Since the world outdoors can seem “scary” for a little seedling, planting them indoors with the egg carton as its little “home” is great to start. Plus, the egg carton material is biodegradable when ready to transfer into the garden. You can give the Earth back to the Earth!

**It is important to use the cardboard material for the egg carton; not the Styrofoam.**

Don’t forget to tell your kids, grandchildren , nieces and nephews about the Kids Oasis!

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Keep on growing!

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