Two Island Kitchen for The Cooking Enthusiast

Compromise is a natural part of home design — particularly in kitchens. Whether due to budget, space or storage limitations, kitchens can be challenging. Of course, the compromises pile up even higher when you’re sharing your kitchen with someone else. Running into each other at the stove, sink and countertop seems inevitable, no matter how big your kitchen is. Is argument-free cooking actually possible?

This kitchen addition project in Monmouth County, New Jersey was dubbed “The Gathering Room.” The husband cooks, the wife bakes and the family loves to entertain! The project designs are from the Design Build Planners and the remodeling craftsmanship were from Mark of Excellence Remodeling. The project also included a powder room, desk area, sitting area with a fireplace, a walk-in closet for the master bedroom, a masonry patio, and a complete exterior makeover.


We want to know: How do you cope with more than one person in your kitchen? Share your story in the Comments section below.

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