How To Turn Your Outdoor Space Into an Inviting Retreat

Outdoor Kitchen (9)Taking an outdoor area and making it comfortable for daily use is not as difficult as it may seem. There are a lot of options that you can consider to help transform any deck, patio, or garden. Here’s an easy guide on how to turn your outdoor space into an inviting retreat:

Design a Layout

Outdoor Kitchen (8)The first thing that you will want to do is design a layout for the space. Measure it so that you can see how much room you have to work with. Depending on the features that you will want to include, you can make designated areas for different things. Consider how you want to use the space. For example, you may want to have a separate dining area, as well as a spot for sitting and reading or just relaxing.

Choose Furnishings

Outdoor Kitchen (15)Once you have decided what you want to do in your outdoor area, you will need to think about the types of furnishings to add. There is an incredible variety of stylish patio furniture that you can choose from today. Tables and chairs of all sizes and types can be found that are suitable for all kinds of weather conditions. Style, durability, and functionality are the most important qualities to look for when shopping for outdoor furnishings.

Put in a Fire pit

patio-and-deck-design-build-remodeling-in-Fair-Haven-NJ-07704-Monmouth-countyIf you want to enjoy your outdoor living space in every season, consider putting in a fire pit. There are many small and compact models that can be purchased from hardware stores or online, so finding the right size for your space should be no trouble. Not only do they add warmth and light, but they also provide a nice touch to add to the relaxing atmosphere. You can enjoy many nights outside, toasting marshmallows and just hanging out.

Add a Water Feature

Outdoor Kitchen (10)A water fountain or pond is the perfect water features to create a relaxing, tranquil environment. The soothing sound of running water can help you to unwind, blocking out the noises of the neighborhood and instantly transporting you to a place of calm and quiet. You can add small table top fountains, or install something larger. If you have the space and the budget, a pond with a fountain would be the ultimate in relaxing water features. You could even have a few fish or frogs to go along with it!

Don’t Forget Lighting

outdoor-living-space-with-a-fireplace-and-a-TV-300x225Lighting sets the mood to any area, and this is also true of outdoor spaces. Lights provide an added level of safety and security, as well, since they illuminate walkways, steps, and entrances. If you want to sit outside after dark, you will definitely need to have proper lighting. You can add strands of lights that will serve as both a decorative and functional feature.

Turning your outdoor space into an inviting retreat takes a little planning. With the right features and furnishings, you can create an area that you will truly enjoy. Make it functional, stylish, and enticing for yourself and your guests.

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