Tray Ceiling Options

Tray Ceiling Option (1)-Design Build PlannersA tray ceiling is a ceiling that has been inverted. It can also be referred to as a recessed ceiling. It is perfect for large rooms where the owner of the house wants to create the impression that the room is not as big and cavernous as it really is. Apart from creating visual depth in the room, tray ceilings can be used in a variety of ways in order to make the rooms in the home look unique and vibrant, reflecting the spirits of the people living in those spaces. The tray ceiling options that you will choose will depend on the creativity that you want to exhibit and the amount of money that you are willing to spend on the project.

Tray Ceiling Option (2)-Design Build Planners
1) The vaulted ceiling route
There are people who would like to take the idea of having a tray ceiling further and actually have a vaulted ceiling. This is something that is usually incorporated into the design of a new house as it is being built, as fixing it into an existing structure can be quite difficult if not impossible. The vaulted ceiling gives a home a spacious and airy feeling, pretty much the same feeling that church goers get when they attend mass on Sundays in a cathedral.
This idea is great for a home that is big and one in which many social events are going to take place.
2) Be creative with LED ceiling lighting
It is also important to note that the tray ceiling gives a home owner the amazing chance to be really creative with the placement of lights. It is possible to place hidden LED ceiling lights along the perimeter of the tray in the ceiling. This can create a very romantic and loving atmosphere for the occupants of the room below. This is probably why tray ceilings are very common in master bedrooms. You should definitely take the opportunity to experiment with LED ceiling lighting as soon as possible.
3) Create a focal point that will be the center of attention
This type of ceiling also gives you the option of creating a centre of attraction for everyone who will be in that room. The tray is a good spot to install a chandelier. This will be the bright flame that will attract attention, admiration and awe from every occupant of the room in the same way that a moth is attracted to a flame.
Instead of fixing a chandelier, you can also put a pendant light or any type of ceiling fan. The fan can cool the air in the room while remaining unobtrusive and out of sight.
4) It is a great place to display great works of art
You can also indulge your taste in art and design by playing around with the ceiling soffit and the ceiling molding to create visual masterpieces that will make the ceiling look warm and inviting to anyone sitting or standing below it. Paint can also be utilized in imaginative ways to come up with impressive paintings of the sky or any other suitable scenery.

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