Topbrewer Counter Top Coffee Spout

Topbrewer Counter Top Coffee Spout

TopBrewer Counter Top Coffee Spout (1)-Design Build PlannersCoffee is a daily staple for most people. A trip to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts can almost be seen as a necessity, but many people also want coffee available to them on demand in their home. Over the past few years, this has caused Keurig and K-Cups to explode in popularity. However, the homemade coffee game may be finding a new dominate player. This is where the Topbrewer counter top coffee spout comes into the picture. The design is simple; it is merely a swan neck faucet on your counter top.

So how does this topbrewer counter top coffee spout work? The grinder, refrigerator, frother, and brewer are actually hidden underneath. Just as if you were at a coffee shop, you can program what you’d like to order, and the system will prepare your drink in less than one minute.

That’s right, all “ordering” is done thru an app that you can set up on your phone, tablet, or computer. This ultra minimalist device is receiving tremendous reviews for it’s aesthetic, operating power and efficiency, and producing a premium product.

Prices appear to be ranging around $11,000, so there’s an initial cash outlay with the topbrewer counter top coffee spout, but one also must consider the savings!

A great video on the product can be found below.

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