Tips for Using Your Juicer

electric juicer and fruitsThere are several types of juicers in the market today and making a choice is dependent of on a number of factors. Basically, it is important to know the main types of juicers and how a particular juicer makes juice. There are juicers for making juice from vegetable recipes and there are also juicers for making juice from fruit recipes. Also, the way a juicer makes juice can influence how long the fresh juice will last and even taste.


woman in the kitchenSome juicers can only perform one function while others are multifunctional in nature. So deciding the kind of juicer for your kitchen will depend on the juice recipes and the types of juice you want to be making.

Here are the main types of juicers you may want to choose from for your kitchen.

Manual Juicers: These types of juicers are manually operated by hand. They do not need electricity to operate them and are relatively cheap. They are also very easy to clean up after use. The main disadvantages are that you can only use them to make little quantity of juice at a time and there are limited ranges of vegetables or fruits they can extract juice from.

Hydraulic Press Juicers: These types use a two stage extracting procedures to extract the best qualities of juices from either fruit or vegetable recipes. The first stage is known as the trituration. At this stage the fruit or vegetable recipe is pulverized, grinded or chopped. The second stage is Juice Extraction. Here the pulp from the trituration is placed on a cheesecloth bag or a cloth-lined tray and force is exerted on the pulp to milk out the juice. The hydraulic press method produces the best juice than any other process.

Centrifugal Juicers are electric juicers that use a cutting blade to triturate the juice recipe and then spin at an extreme speed to produce juice. They are faster at producing juice than any other type. The juice comes out of the strainer basket in the juicer leaving the pulp in the strainer. These types of juicers are easy to use and clean up after use.

Masticating Juicers have a single auger with blades that triturate the fruit or vegetable recipes into pulp thus extracting out succulent juice. This type is a highly recommended juicer for your kitchen because it produces little or no heat during use. The nutrients of the juice are preserved because of the little or no heat during the process of producing the juice.

Twin Gear Triturating Juicers are regarded in some quarters as the best juicers for your fruit and vegetable recipes. They use the twin gears to crunch the fruit or vegetable recipes into dry pulp thus extracting the juice. These types are also recommended as juicers for your kitchen because they operate at very low speed, generate no heat and extract the juice from the fruit or vegetable recipes efficiently. They are very good juicer for any type of fruit or vegetable recipes.

JuiceLastly, ensure you use juicers that are good for the type of juice you want to make. Some juices are made to lose weight while others are made for other health benefits. Thus the juicer you use to extract the juice will affect the efficacy of the juice in meeting its requirements. Juicers that produce excessive heat during use can destroy the essential nutrients of the juice thus reducing the value.

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