Tips for Hanging a Picture in Your Home

 Tips for Hanging a Picture on Your Wall

Tips for Hanging Pictures in Your Home (1)-Design Build PlannersIf you’re looking for picture hanging tips, you have come to the right place.

A house isn’t really a home until it is decorated. Hanging pictures enables you to showcase your artistic and stylish side. Follow these easy tips with instructions on how you can simply hang photographs or artwork on any wall structure in your home.

Mark the Wall Surface Before Hanging Any Picture

Tips for Hanging Pictures in Your Home (3)-Design Build PlannersFirst, consider buying an assorted hanger and frame-back tool kit. Generally, the kit consists of a wide selection of hanger accessories, which include ring hangers, wire-and-eyelet hangers, sawtooth hangers, and various wall surface anchors.

If you are planning to have an array of photographs which are similar in size, make use of longer carpenter’s levels or perhaps laser levels to indicate each and every hanger location along the wall surface. Laser level functions are perfect for lining up photographs in an angle.

Hanging Pictures with Adjustable Hangers

Hanging up groups of photographs, especially those of different sizes, could be a more challenging task. Luckily, very adjustable hangers are readily available. These adjustable hangers allow you to move pictures vertically as required.

Center Your Art Work in the Space…Most of the Time

Tips for Hanging Pictures in Your Home (4)This tip is applicable particularly if you are hanging the artwork over a piece of home furniture which is against the wall such as a couch, bed, or even dresser. It is likely that if it is not centered over the part of furnishings, it may appear odd and imbalanced. Likewise, should you have a space, assume between just two windows, not centering it may let it appear like a mistake. Therefore, you should make sure to make use of that tape to measure, be accurate, to make sure it’s done correctly.

Ensure Your Artwork is not Far Higher than Your Furniture

If perhaps there’s very big of a space between your art and the top of your couch, for instance, the eye would be attracted to the space instead of the art. Therefore, you should be sure to never hang up your artwork tremendously higher than your furniture.

Mind the Size of the Wall

The size of the wall structure is extremely important when it comes down to hanging wall art properly. For narrow walls you can use small art pieces and also make use of larger types for the walls with lots of space.


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