Tips for Garage Storage and Organizing

Garage storage and organizing - Design Build Planners Tips for Garage Storage and Organizing

 While trying to organize a garage it is important to know what you want to store and why do you want to store it. Once you have determined that, you need to see that like pairs stay together as they make a good system to remember and are easy to find. For example- storing combustible items along with wood may not be a great idea on the other hand storing sports items and exercise goods, household tools and hardware, seasonal holiday decorations, etc. makes sense.

Overhead shelves can be made or used to store boxes that will otherwise hog ground space. A label maker is a good thing to invest in as labels will serve right when memory wont. If you would like your stuff to be only for your eyes and if space allows it, cabinets are a good investment too. A lot of them can be dismantled when not in use.

Garage storage can be manipulated by using the above mentioned storage techniques. You want to have enough air space circulation in the garage to avoid any dust and mite buildup. Special care should be taken if there is a lot of wood involved and if there are chances of water seepage in the garage; both of which are breeding ground for termites.

Most of the DIY shops have all necessary items related to garage storage and organizing a garage. You can do it over one weekend if you have help or you can spread it over a few weekends. Unless you have to hire someone to construct something for the garage, you can set it up by yourself.

Regularly cleaning the garage is as important as organizing it. The easiest way to ensure that everyone is able to find stuff in your garage without your help or presence is making it visible. If the kitchen hardware or the garden tools or sports equipment is kept in sight, nobody would be rummaging in the garage and you’d feel at ease.

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