Tips for Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel appliances can be an extremely aesthetic part of any kitchen. Their shining appearance can really pull together an entire kitchen. But how do you keep them sparkling like new? While most people prefer the style to black or white appliance, stainless steel is commonly known for attracting fingerprints and other various streaks. Read below to find tips on how to keep your stainless steel appliances looking brand new!


First and foremost, most owners manuals and manufacturers websites will have recommendations. It would be smart to take heed to these instructions as different companies make different suggestions on their product lines (and you’d assume they’d know them best!).

One key recommendation that is often over looked is the need to use a soft cloth. While many automatically opt for grabbing a few papers towels to begin wiping down stainless steel; it is almost universally recommended to use a less abrasive soft cloth.

While there are many excellent stainless steel cleaning products (best for stains/scratches) out there; it’s also very difficult to beat a good old fashioned combination of a mild detergent mixed with warm water for more regular cleanings. Simply stir this combination and wipe down the appliance with a soft cloth going from side to side. Then repeat this process. This technique should remove most all markings…BUT don’t forget one more important step. Take a separate dry cloth to dry the stainless steel appliance. This should allow for you to avoid leaving any streak or water spot remnants.

When you are in need of a little more strength (grease, baked on food, etc) you can make a paste of baking soda and warm water and clean with a sponge.

Below you can see some DBP projects featuring shining clean stainless steel appliances!











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