Tile Backsplash for Kitchens

SONY DSCThe blacksplash of a kitchen can often be overshadowed by the countertops and cabinets. However, this area can become an attention grabber with a tiled kitchen blacksplash. From bold pops of color to graphic patterns, tile can take your kitchen to a whole new level – kind of like adding a bit of jewelry to the room.

Tiling as the backsplash offers you a wide array of different design options such as:

  • Patchwork Effect
  • Zig Zag Pattern
  • Horizontal Lines
  • Pattern
  • Artistic Styling

Featured below is a gallery of tile back splash options from kitchen remodeling projects.

Tile Backspash Kitchen (5)   Tile Backsplash Kitchen (2)   Tile Backsplash Kitchen (3)

Tile Backsplash Kitchen (4)   Tile Backsplash Kitchen (6)   Tile Backsplash Kitchen (7)

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