Themed Bedroom Design

Themed Bedroom Design (1)A well decorated bedroom can significantly improve the quality of life. This is a place where we must feel comfortable and if we manage to make it inspirational that’s a huge plus. The concept of a themed bedroom is especially appealing for kid’s bedrooms.

In order to get the most of a themed bedroom, you must take advantage of the wall space. Wall art can make a significant improvement in the atmosphere of the space. There are many different types of wall art which means that you have to do a proper research before you choose which one suits you or your kids.

Themed Bedroom Design (7)Also, lighting can be very useful and it can be used as decoration too. Wall lightings are a type of wall art that is becoming more and more popular. People are getting bored of the traditional lighting placed on the ceiling or using lamps. Correctly chosen wall lighting can make the room look better and provides the benefit of being adjustable. This is perfect for small children that are trying to get used to sleep in dark because you can gradually lower the amount of light over time.

Themed Bedroom Design (2)Wall furniture is another form of wall art. A bedroom can have items such as: cabinets, shelves and mirror(s). Although they are part of the interior, they can be considered as wall furniture too. If done correctly, this wall furniture can be beautiful decorative elements, which also provides practicality.

Wall murals are another popular type of wall art. They are used to brighten up the walls, which are usually white. There are several types of wall murals. but the most attractive ones are painted wall murals. They are art works that are created by using paints, watercolor or other medium.

Themed Bedroom Design (5) Painted wall murals are popular choice for children bedroom decoration. Kids simply love these murals. They can be part of the process of creation and they can have their own suggestions. One great benefit is that if the child “outgrows” the theme, it can easily be painted over. Choosing the right images for the murals for your kid’s bedroom is very important. Parents today usually pick Disney characters or some super hero characters. (Batman, Superman, Spiderman etc.). These decorations are usually the first choice for boys. On the other hand having a princess room is dream of many girls. Besides the wall murals depicting some interesting Disney princesses, parents can find many decorations that will suit a room like that – art work, lamps, rugs, stickers, etc.

Below are a few additional photos on themed bedroom design.

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