The History of the Microwave Oven

The History of the Microwave Oven

Using microwave ovenIt is common to see a counter top microwave oven in nearly every house you enter. The microwave oven was actually an accident. Yes, it was accidentally invented by a man by the name of Percy Spencer. In 1933, Westinghouse demonstrated cooking sandwiches with one of the first microwave ovens. This demonstration took place at the Chicago World’s Fair. It was invented during the Second World War It wasn’t until 1946 that the first microwave oven was sold.

The first microwave was used for commercial purposes in 1945. It was placed in a Boston restaurant. They put the microwave in the restaurant for testing purposes.

The first microwave ovens were too big for use in homes. In 1955, the first patent was licensed for the microwave oven. The patent was owned by Tappan. Tappan’s microwave oven still wasn’t small enough for use in a home. It wasn’t until 1967 that the first countertop microwave oven was introduced.

Cooking Process

There are many things about the microwave oven that many people believe to be true but aren’t. It is believed that microwaves cook food from the inside out. This is far from true.

The microwave sends waves through the food. The depth of these waves depends on the frequency of the microwave. Lower frequency microwaves emit longer waves through the food. The longer waves penetrate deeper.


microwave oven for your kitchen - Design Build Planners (2)There are several benefits that come with a microwave oven. When you cook on a stove or in a traditional oven, you have the risk of getting burnt. The pots and pans stay hot after being pulled away from the heat and if touched can cause a severe burn. The microwave won’t burn you. The cookware you place inside the microwave will cool off quicker than a metal pot or pan.

It also uses less electricity than traditional ways of cooking. It is better to reheat and cook small portions of food in a microwave oven since it uses less power. It also cooks food better than direct heat. A microwave penetrates the food while direct heat cooks the surface. It takes longer for the inside of food to cook with direct heat.

Modern Microwaves

Microwave ovens are an essential in home appliances now. Nearly every home you enter will own one. They have changed over the years, but the way they heat hasn’t been changed much from the original design.

You will see microwave ovens in different sizes and shapes. Some microwaves are small counter top microwaves while others are a little bigger and are built in. Built in microwave ovens usually have several cooking levels. Nearly all restaurants you enter will have a microwave oven as well. The commercial microwave oven has several layers for cooking. They are also made to cook much more food than a microwave that is used in homes at a faster speed.


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