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U Factor for Windows by the Design Build PlannersHi There, Fellow Gardeners!

This is AnnahMarie.

Today, Organic Gurlz Gardens of Indiana will be sharing information on The Eco-Friendly Home.

Many are looking to be eco-friendly, but they may forget taking care of the Earth goes way beyond the garden! We at Organic Gurlz Gardens are here to share few ways to have a cool home, while benefiting the world (and your wallet).


Cork can be used for more than just closing a wine bottle! Flooring, countertops, and even tables can be made out of cork. What an Earth-considerate way to enjoy a chic, modern home!

Why is cork eco-friendly? Cork is sustainable, recyclable, and self-sufficient.

*A feature wall covered with cork material can make a cool pegboard! It’s a definite conversation piece! *


Bamboo Flooring for Your Remodeling Project (1)-Design Build PlannersBamboo seems to be all the rage these days, but it sure is eco-friendly! Not only can this “panda food” be used for flooring; bamboo looks beautiful used as crown moulding and in other wood working projects.

*Bamboo coasters, picture frames, and placemats make super cool gifts!


An obvious way to bask in the ‘free’ light, windows can cut cost by avoiding the use of electricity. The more windows that are in the home, the more welcoming light the sun can shine into your home. Plus, it can shed some warmth!

Privacy a concern? Curtains, shades, or tinted windows can provide a sense of “confidentiality”.

In addition, windowsills are perfect for growing plants indoors!

Wooden Pallets:

Looking for a rustic feel?

Recycling wooden pallets contributes to the Earth, while creating a neat country atmosphere. Wooden pallets can be used to make a table, television stand, door, stairs, and much more!

** Do be aware some wooden pallets are treated with chemicals. This may make it unsafe for the health to use as a table, kitchen island, etc. **

Enjoy your new, wonderful, eco-friendly home!

Don’t forget to tell your kids, grandchildren , nieces and nephews about the Kids Oasis!

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Keep on growing!

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