The Difference Between a Bow and Bay Window

bow and bay windows - Design Build Planners (3)The Difference Between a Bow and Bay Window

Windows can bring a new and unique look to any home and that especially applies to things like bow and bay windows. While they may look similar in appearance, they are indeed quite different and we hope to be able to compare the two and contrast so that others who are looking in to home innovations can make their own informed decision on which to go with.

  • bay and bow windows - Design Build Planners (6)What are the differences between bay and bow windows?
  • Bay windows are known to have three openings whereas you’ll find a bow window to have more of about four to five openings instead.
  • Bay windows are usually made up of the large window in the middle and two smaller windows, one on each side.
  • Bay windows jut out a bit more which offers more space.
  • Bow windows bring more light in to the room since they have more window panes
  • Bay windows typically aren’t as wide as bow

bay and bow windows - Design Build PlannersIn general bay windows offer a bigger view of the area around you, while bow windows provide an appealing symmetry. The investment amount for either is predicated on the size but then will vary greatly when calculating the installation and finishing requirements.

Pella windows is a great company to consider when you’re looking to install a new window as they offer a wide selection of different materials to use. For those who are looking to try their creative side and get something new and different, they even allow you to go on their website and design your own window for a unique look for your home. There are a ton of options and features to choose from whatever your needs may be, and offer replacement windows as well. By going online you can create and save your own projects to get a better idea of what kind of windows and designs you may be considering for your home projects.

bay and bow windows - Design Build Planners (4)Pella has multiple facilities located in the United States and a fairly large company of employees. For those who may want to see a sample of what kind of projects Pella has accomplished, you’re always allowed to visit them and take a look at their showrooms. Their known for being environmentally friendly and energy efficient to help you save the most money they can buy installing their products on your beautiful home. Their products are offered with a warranty so you know that as a company, Pella cares about its customers.

Here are a more photos of bow and bay windows: 

bay and bow windows - Design Build Planners (1)   bay and bow windows - Design Build Planners (3)   bay and bow windows - Design Build Planners (5)


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