The Benefits of Geodesic Home Designs

The following is a quote from the founder of DBP, Neil Parsons:

In the mid 70’s as a kid, long before I entered the construction industry, I remember reading about Geodesic Homes. They are considered the “perfect” home design…highly energy efficient, able to better withstand storms and earthquakes, less expensive to build material-wise and allows for an interesting, open floor plan.

Read below to find out more about Geodesic homes and how they may be the right fit for you!

Geodesic homes were the brain child of Buckminster Fuller. He noticed problems with typical construction projects and sought to improve the issue through the incorporation of geometric theories about triangles.

The spherical architectural plans he created rank among the most efficient in energy efficiency; the average home owner will save about 33% on their energy bills. Further, the extremely sturdy triangular shape makes these homes extremely resistant to any kind of natural disaster.

Lastly, geodesic homes leave you with endless possibility! Due to the structure of the home, there is no way that you will run into an issue of a load bearing wall. You are free to move walls as you deem stylistically fit.

Below are some pictures of geodesic homes.







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