Testimonials and Reviews from Design Build Planners Clients

The Design Build Planners have both homeowners and remodelers as clients. The goal, for both, is to illustrate how to save time and money on remodeling projects while creating a plan for a pleasant, professional remodeling experience for everyone involved.

“DBP is the best. Highly professional and polite, and are on top of every detail. I could not recommend them more highly.”~H.F.

“From the initial contact with the DBP Team Staff I felt confident that I was working with a professional, dedicated group. They responded quickly to my inquiry; gave me several options for in-person consultation; emailed me information with regard to company philosophy; provided links to completed dedigns similar to my project; arrived on time to my scheduled appointment; took great care to listen to my ideas and provide expert consultation. From onsite visit to detailed design of my bathroom remodel, communication was strong and Neil made me feel like I was his only project! I am beyond thrilled with DBP Team‘s workmanship and highly recommend giving them a call.”~GK

Getting straight answers on how to do a basement project is never easy, but DBP will walk you through everything. Their meticulous about everything, they are knowledgeable, honest….exactly what you want when you are building out a basement. We highly recommend DBP!”~JC



“We sold our house last year, and have been leasing one since then while looking for our next new home, and we were a bit overwhelmed when we settled on a short-sale in order to be in the area we liked. The best thing that could have happened to us was meeting Andrew, Neil and Jason because they were able not only to simplify our project, but also organize it, give us the visual aspect (very important since we had no clue as to how it should look) and more importantly, a budget we could handle. They are professional, attentive, knowledgeable, friendly and responsive. Neil and Jason were always ready to make whatever changes we asked, and timely provide new designs for us to review. Neil came over our house several times to patiently explain to us all the pros and cons, make suggestion and provide ideas. They made introduction to several vendors for products we would require, and we were treated like royalties by all of them. I can only say no matter how big or small, if you are contemplating any type of remodeling, you need to speak with Andrew, Neil or Jason and let them simplify your remodeling project while removing the burden associated with any home related project. Thank you Andrew, Neil and Jason for ALL your help and patience, and for making yourselves available anytime in the future.”~RD

“Met the professionals from DBP at home show. We were considering doing interior renovation to our home and needed some guidance. My wife and I are not creative and while we had ideas of what we would like to do to our house DBPs were able to show us in photos what finished product would look like. While we did not pick out exact tile and cabinets in presentation it helped tremendously with the process. Could not have been happier with all the help received.”~MM

“They are a professional and accurate company to work with. They work well with communicating to us what is needed. I would highly recommend this company to everyone.”~DL

“We feel very fortunate to have found DBP. We were grappling with seemingly impossible design issues of incorporating a washer/dryer into a complete bathroom remodel. Jason took on the challenge and assiduously worked to come up with possible solutions. Eventually, he told us that he just didn’t think what we wanted would be feasible within the parameters of our small bathroom. We had come into this project naively thinking that just because we wanted this, it could be done. We thank this team for their integrity, honesty and frankness in leading us to nix our original plan and proceed in another direction.
Jason perfectly followed my leads in putting together new plans for the room. Eventually, I selected elements I liked from each of his 3 plans, and Plan 4 was it — the perfect envisionment of my dream bathroom!
It was rewarding and exciting working with these gentleman. They are professional, creative, knowledgeable, as well as receptive to input from their clients. We were also very grateful to have been introduced by them to venues with excellent service and products for all our plumbing and tile selections.
If we were to remodel again, there is no doubt that we would call upon DBP.”~GS

“DBP is known for great service, high ethical standards, and exceptional quality of work. They are talented designers who show dedication to their clients by executing every detail of a home renovation project, whether big or small. Congratulations to their team on winning Top Influencers in the Construction Industry 2017!”~JV

“Fantastic business run by expert professionals in the industry. Quick and easy consultation before creating very unique, tasteful designs for extensions and additions to any home. We were especially pleased with the family-owned operation and their unique approach to the project. Highly recommended. thanks so much DBP!”~BB


“When I needed a remodeler, the only name that I trusted to even try to look up was Neil Parsons, whose company built my deck in Clark in 1987. I was glad to find him and DBP. They were a huge help!”-LF


Design Build Planners Kitchen CADAmazing team, super detail oriented. Took the guess work out of an entire major remodel.

They have a great business model and treat you like family.

I can’t recommend these guys enough. ~JA CLICK HERE to read the full review on HOUZZ

Design Build Planners Master Suite CAD…In a word, our experience with DBP has been “outstanding!!” They are creative, very knowledgeable, pleasant, responsive and reliable. Their product is not inexpensive but you more than get what you pay for. There is so much more to what they offer but I will close by saying that if you have a project, it would be well worth your time to give DBP a close look. ~TF CLICK HERE to read the full review on HOUZZ

Kitchen PLUS in Warren NJ (12)-Design Build PlannersWe were very pleased with the design services offered.

Neil was able to visualize our space in a way that we hadn’t considered. Having three different scenarios allowed us to quickly determine which direction we wanted to pursue.

It was very helpful to get an approximate idea of cost for aspects of the project. That allowed us to determine what was essential, and what we could trade off… ~ SM CLICK HERE to read the full review on HOUZZ

Design Build Planners Basement CAD (2)…listened, responded quickly to our feedback, pointed out design considerations we would need to take early, and really delivered a design that was much better than what I originally envisioned, letting me make trade offs transparently with the costs of the project.

I can’t imagine not going through this process for a construction project, and can’t wait to start my new basement project!… ~ MH CLICK HERE to read the full review on HOUZZ

Design Build Planners Basement CAD…One word, Wow. We are so happy with this entire experience, including of course our actual designs. I have no idea how one would go about starting a new project without the expert assistance of Neil and crew. If you are having doubts about using these guys, dont. Its money well spent. Their meticulous about everything, they are super courteous, they are knowledgeable, honest….basically exactly what you want when your about to spend some serious cash on a large project. Simply put, they “get it”… ~ RJ CLICK HERE to read the full review on HOUZZ

NJ kitchen remodeling - Design Build Planners…we hired the firm for 2 reasons, first and foremost, their professionalism and kindness. We really felt heard by them. It sounds silly but the fact that they are so responsive is a huge, refreshing change from what is out there. Secondly, their model made us feel that we are in great hands and we no longer felt overwhelmed by the enormity of our project.
We truthfully could not have been happier with the work they did for us. They went above and beyond to make sure the design was exactly what we wanted and even continued to help us when some changes needed to be made due to issues that came up as we started demolition. They even offer their services at a reasonable rate, but to me they are priceless… ~ LB CLICK HERE to read the full review on HOUZZ

CLICK HERE to view Lisa’s video testimonial on YouTube

Computer Aided Design (CAD) for a Millstone NJ remodeling project ~ Design Build PlannersNeil just left my house after providing us our first draft plans. One word, Wow. We are so happy with this entire experience, including of course our actual designs. I have no idea how one would go about starting a new project without the expert assistance of Neil and crew. If you are having doubts about using these guys, don’t. Its money well spent. They’re meticulous about everything, they are super courteous, they are knowledgeable, honest….basically exactly what you want when your about to spend some serious cash on a large project. Simply put, they “get it” and if this review wasn’t clear enough to help you out with making the decision, consider that I’m gushing about a company that just told me I’m going to need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to accomplish my many projects, yet I’m okay with that. ~ RJ CLICK HERE to read the full review on Houzz

What a tremendous experience! Extremely professional. Easy to get along with, and I’m very happy I hired the DBP for my project. ~ AB CLICK HERE to read this review on Houzz

Fair disclaimer: we still didn’t hire DBP for our big project, but only because we will be postponing the project for next year. I have to say, talked to over 10 architects over the phone, actually got to meet with a few, and these guys knocked it out of the park. We love to ask questions, we love to get into details and we like to have the feeling that the person working with us is sharing every piece of information we think might be relevant, even if he doesn’t. This was an A-Z textbook meeting, they come with a binder describing every inch of the process up to the final result. I also need to mention that their price was very competitive, not the cheapest but probably one of the lowest we’ve got, and if you put into calculation that they also provide 3D images and 3 different designs in that package, this is a deal you do not get from any other. Out of the ordinary was the way they insisted that we can call anytime, even if we take another architect, and ask any question free of charge, because they believe in good Karma. Love it. ~ YD CLICK HERE to read this review on Houzz

Luxury Bathroom Design in Mattawan New Jersey (2)-Design Build PlannersWe have just begun working with Neil and Jason, but so far, we are very impressed. We have hired the firm for 2 reasons, first and foremost, their professionalism and kindness. We really feel heard by them. It sounds silly but the fact that they are so responsive is a huge, refreshing change from what is out there. Secondly, their model has made us feel that we are in great hands and we no longer feel overwhelmed by the enormity of our project. We can’t wait to get started with you guys! ~ LB This was her pre-project review of DBPCLICK HERE to read LB’s post project review on Houzz

Gourmet Kitchen Addition Design in Monmouth New Jersey (1)-Design Build PlannersI have known Neil and Jason Parsons of DBP for over a year and would highly recommend them to any homeowner looking to remodel or build a home. They’re true professionals and are clearly passionate about what they do. Their designs are great, their remodeling services are top notch, but probably the best part about working with them is that they are an advocate for the homeowner – guiding them through the process from start to finish, including budgeting, design, hiring the right remodeler, what to expect during the project, etc. Just check out their profile here on Houzz – it speaks for itself. ~ JH CLICK HERE to read this review on Houzz


Computer Aided Design of an Exterior Remodel Raised Deck Terrace (5)-DesignBuildProsI consider myself to have a strong attention to detail. It was very nice to see DBP address my concerns and questions at each stage of the process. Everything was presented in a very clear manner. After discussing and previewing my options with the DBP, it very quickly became apparent exactly what was realistic in terms of my budget and vision. I really appreciated how everything was communicated and that the communication was consistent. The whole process was streamlined and it made it feel as if I were working on this project with a very knowledgeable friend! ~KH CLICK HERE to read this review on Houzz

I highly recommend DBP. They are professional, courteous, honest, and trustworthy. They truly want to help the people they work for and make sure they get the best project in the end. Our project did not work out due to budget reasons, but DBP provided us with very helpful information and a lot of options to make that decision. We will use DBP for all our future design needs and recommend them to anyone looking for help with any remodel project. ~ CW CLICK HERE to read this review on Houzz

I love the finished basement designs that Neil and Jason gave us! They helped us to solve a couple of problems we were having with the space – bathroom plumbing under the stairs, too narrow a walkway at the bottom of the stairs, etc. The images really helped me to know how and what to order and gave me a better vision for the space. We are working hard to make the images a reality. They were definitely professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I give them the highest recommendation! ~ TR CLICK HERE to read this review on Houzz

I worked alongside Jason and Neil for two years and know that they are consummate professionals in every aspect of business. I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone needing a well thought out plan for remodeling. ~ ER CLICK HERE to read this review on Houzz

Long Island design build remodeling designOur project, turning a 1,300 square foot ranch house near the beach, into an expanded ranch, was not turning out the way we planned. Thank goodness I found DBP on Houzz. They listened to what we wanted, as to the look and feel of the house and came up with a few plans for the exterior with the 2nd floor addition. They presented us with actual visuals so we were able to see how the house would look once completed. We were impressed with their responsiveness to our needs and their quick delivery to help us out in our bind. ~ RSG CLICK HERE to read this review on Houzz

Great room remodeling design in Bridgewater, NJWe are remodeling the kitchen, family room, dining room, and laundry room in our home. This includes changing the layout/floorplan of our home to fit how we live our day to day lives. Jason genuinely listened to our needs, took the time to understand how our family lives in our home, and incorporated that into the designs. Nearly all of our feedback has been included in each of the designs, and any remaining items were openly discussed with pros/cons, and what our options are. We now have 3 terrific plans to choose from, and have the opportunity to cherry pick our favorite from each, and have them incorporated into one final plan. DBP have done an amazing job of helping our family get to a design that fits us. Jason has been terrific to deal with. He is very responsive, accommodating to our busy schedule, and has gone above and beyond in helping us with our design. ~ BK click here to read the review on Houzz.com

We were victims of hurricane Sandy and due to the volume of people needing assistance it was extremely difficult to get someone to give us an estimate on our damage. When we called DBP, Jason took time away from his family and came on a Saturday. He was very knowledgeable and through and spent a few hours going over all our damage with us. We received a written report and pictures within a few days, which was required by our insurance company. He made recommendations on other service providers and when we had difficulty with our insurance company he was also very helpful in securing an adjustor. Jason was very responsive to all our needs and we have recommended DBP to our neighbors. After a year we are still working with our insurance company to resolve our pending issues. DBP thank you for caring! ~ RA click here to read the review on Houzz.com

Design build remodeling design in MassachusettsI hired Jason to work with me to create a complete set of designs and cost estimates for a project I was contemplating at my home. I have some construction experience in my background but not to the extent needed to take on a project like this. Jason was able to complete a design for me that met the local code criteria and addressed items that I never thought of (site lines, roof layout, etc). I have not begun the construction project as of yet but i will be doing so in the next few months. Having the information available that Jason provided has allowed me to negotiate with contractors and set up the necessary funding I need to complete the project. He and the firm were great to deal with. ~ JF click here to read the review on Houzz.com

basement finishing design in Atlantic Highlands, NJI love the finished basement designs that Neil and Jason gave us! They helped us to solve a couple of problems we were having with the space – bathroom plumbing under the stairs, too narrow a walkway at the bottom of the stairs, etc. The images really helped me to know how and what to order and gave me a better vision for the space. We are working hard to make the images a reality. They were definitely professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I give them the highest recommendation! ~ ST CLICK HERE to read this review on Houzz

Design build remodeling project in Middlesex County, NJOur job consisted of reconstructing, from the ground up our dining room with additional work in a few other areas of our house. One thing I especially liked about DBP is that from start to finish they were professional, customer friendly and appreciated the impact everything they were doing was having on us. The work was top quality. The workers were professional and courteous. They arrived on time every day and disrupted our household as little as possible. If we had questions they were answered in a concise and easy to understand manner. Communication between them and us was a priority. The workmen were respectful of my personal space while working and did an exceptional job. And they kept the area clean and tidy making sure they cleaned up after themselves daily.  The dining room job was extensive – the ground had to be excavated so new footings could be put in so a new concrete slab could be poured. They had to remove two outer walls to do their work and the room is so much safer and usable now. Neil and the construction crew thought of many details that didn’t occur to us; such as insulating an interior wall that was lacking any and installing a ceiling fan/light to make our new heating/ac unit more efficient.We have dealt with other companies for other issues in our house and have had many unpalatable experiences. This job, as extensive as it was, has been the best experience we have had with any company. We would hire them again in an instant to do future work on our house. ~ JG click here to read the review on Houzz.com

design build addition and patio remodel in Old Bridge, NJWe hired Jason and Neil to help us design our dream kitchen. We had a very small kitchen/dining combo room, but we love to entertain, so we always wanted more room to do so. The fact that they have “Pro” in their company name is very fitting as they were consummate professionals in all aspects of the project. They are very respectful, knowledgeable and are excellent listeners, oh and by the way they just happen be really good at designing too! We had a lot of ideas as we’d been considering doing something for many years, Jason & Neil were able to listen to those ideas, and come up with a design that truly reflected our discussions … it was us! We can’t possibly do justice in describing what a great job they did, the best we can do is to say it was one of the best investments we’ve ever made, and their value as the saying goes: “priceless”! We highly recommend Jason and Neil to anyone considering doing work on their home, they are the BEST! Our heartfelt Thanks go out to both Jason and Neil, as we continue to enjoy our wonderful kitchen! ~ CK click here to read the full review on Houzz.com

Morris County NJ kitchen design build remodeling from the Design Build Planners (17)DBP met with me to find out what I liked and didn’t like from their portfolio. Then they did three potential designs of my kitchen. From there I was able to pick which one I liked the most. I actually liked all of them so I was able to pick a few things from each design. They didn’t add anything I didn’t want. I was the one who kept adding or taking away as the project progressed. You have complete control over what is happening. They will make suggestions, but you don’t have to do them if you are not comfortable. Jason and his brother Neil are really great about that. They don’t push which for me, was one of the things I like most about them. Also, if you have questions during the project Jason and Neil are always available to answer your questions, if you need them to see something you’re unhappy with they will be there as soon as they can. I feel like I’m the only one they are working with, because they are there when you need them to be. They treat you like a friend and family. It’s very comforting. ~ KWD

DBP is excellent! They are professional, on time and very helpful. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to do a remodel project. ~ HG click here for the review on Houzz.com

I contacted DBP to schedule a consultation prior to making a home purchase to seek advice from a professional. I spoke with Jason Parsons, who really went out of his way to answer my questions, and research the potential issues I was facing with a renovation. After explaining my concerns, Jason quickly provided several solutions, and answered unforeseen questions. Ultimately, we purchased a home that does not call for immediate renovations, but will result in new construction in the near future. I feel confident in the overall decision, and cannot thank Jason enough for the effort and insight. I can say, that when we start our new construction, I will have already picked out the project designer for the job!!! ~ JC click here for the review on Houzz.com

kitchen remodel in Somerset County, New JerseyJason and Neil – We are thrilled with our remodel – thank you. The kitchen and master bath are beautiful and look just like the computer design. The remodeler selected for us and the vendors were wonderful to work with. The budget was definitely helpful in planning. ~ SP see full review on Houzz.com

I’m really not sure what to say other than, THANK YOU! I love my new master bathroom. I feel like I am in a spa. Neil, you nailed exactly what I wanted in a master bath. I can’t wait to see how my kitchen will turn out. I’m sure that will get knocked out of the park as well. Thank you again for everything. ~ KW click here for the full review on Houzz.com

As a design professional that has worked with the DBP for years, I can easily give a 5-star recommendation. They are the business of “customer service” which is rare in this day and age. Drawing together a complete group of experts to execute each job, they are on top of the project the whole step of the way. This last project was no exception!! ~ KA

Exterior design build remodeling and addition in Berkeley Heights, NJ ~ Design Build PlannersI met with DBP jedi-master Jason Parsons yesterday and he is now national. Anyone with a conceptual idea for work on their house or wants to start working towards a finished product, contact him. The guy is a consummate professional and a good trustworthy man. ~ PA

I enjoyed working with Jason on our house rendering project. He was willing to work with us and made a number of adjustments to the renderings to get them just right. We would recommend him. ~ DL

We received the development book. It is beautiful and we appreciate the elevations, room interiors, and all the breakdown of materials and pricing. Thank you so much! ~ JI

As a sales manager for a design build firm I have had a successful working relationship with DBP for over a year. The remote design services they provide have had a significant impact on our bottom line. Complex design build business is up 32%! Not only because of the quality of the design work but also due to the efficiency of the custom estimating program they built for us. Customers love that my design consultants are able to accurately estimate any project large or small in a super-fast and professional manner. The design service provides a real life look and feel so customers feel confident in what they are buying. Above all, the team at DBP is the most reliable that I have ever worked with. They NEVER drop the ball. It’s good for our business and great for the homeowner. ~ BN click here for the full review on Houzz.com

These guys are GREAT!!! I’ve been working Neil and Jason and their clients through a variety of remodelers for quite a number of years now. Every client I’ve ever worked with has been impressively satisfied with the end results! Their professionalism and attention to detail is second to none and the service they offer is immeasurable. If you’re doing any kind of remodeling project these are the guys you need to reach out to first and foremost! No one can bring your project more into perspective for you than the DBP can. ~ NM click here for information about Best Tile

DBP is doing a great job on a project now for us and we are already planning another for next year! ~ KW

Over the years I have had the opportunity to get to know both Jason and Neil as co-workers and competitors. Their professionalism and integrity, as well as their product knowledge, are second to none. They have insight into design, cost and budget, and I have yet to hear of a dissatisfied customer. They remain a resource for me, and I look forward to working with them in the future on other projects. ~ GM click here for the review on Houzz.com

DBP helped me visualize my new kitchen before it was built. Their budget paperwork allowed me to prepare for all the costs for the project and they helped me find a great remodeler. I will call them to help me with my next project. ~ AP click here for the review on Houzz.com

Jason and Neil did an awesome job on our basement plans! They are very professional and had great ideas. We are very excited about the project. ~ LS click here for the YouTube video clip

Jason Parsons provided us with a timely essential planning guideline; his in-home consultation sessions proved attention to details. Computer generated pictures of our home helped with style and color. Jason was instrumental in providing time lines and work schedules. Jason was the master planner behind our project. ~ DS

It was a true pleasure using your company (no drama!). 3 other companies made pitches. I’ll be honest, your price was a bit more than the others.. but it was your professional presentation and that fabulous folder showcasing your great work that won us over. ~ NC

Neil Parsons has created some fantastic systems through DBP. The DBP project pricing module is very intuitive with its easy assemblies, creates a great platform for presenting prices, and sets the stage for closing the sale…all at the initial client meeting. ~ MTE

The DBP system allows me to now accurately price large remodeling projects and additions in a fraction of the time that I have been accustomed to. Neil has been quite helpful. I would highly recommend this system to anyone…except my competitors. ~ GB

The DBP selling system has doubled our sales volume and at the same time has greatly increased our profit margins. They also implemented tracking systems in our marketing, accounting, and production departments. As an added bonus, they showed us ways to make our production process more efficient and profitable. It is worth noting that this was all achieved while companies around us were in great decline. ~ ME

As a student of DBP I learned more during our two month project than I have in the past two years. As a professional sales consultant I have worked with thousands of homeowners over the past ten years and Neil and Jason’s sales and marketing systems, pricing formulas, and training are by far the most cutting edge available today. DBP has the capabilities and experience to not only tailor-fit a presentation for any company, but to also follow through to see that a customized set of tools are implemented and effective to all areas of any company. They have what every company is looking for in today’s marketplace. ~ BN

DBP is just as described. They exhibit a level of professionalism unlike many others. The service they offer is unique,they’re dedicated to the project from onset to completion. A natural ability for recognizing the clients needs and giving them the “Before you Build” visual . I’ve worked with many of their clients over the years,and can not appreciate more the attention to detail they offer. This is a team of professionals that I ALWAYS look forward to working with. They remain HIGH on my referral list. ~ NM click here for the review on Houzz.com

I have known Neil Parsons, Jason Parsons and Brian Nevins in a variety of capacities for many years. Neil has been a mentor and teacher to me for a long time. I have personally had the opportunity to work along side each one of them as a co-worker and trade partner. They each are efficient, extremely competent, and possess an excellent work ethic. The DBP teams internal infrastructure and approach to the remodeling process has changed the way homeowners today approach their remodeling projects. The team brings the ability to each consumer to see their project complete before the work even begins. This allows each homeowner the ability to visualize their ideas and remodeling dreams in a ways not possible before. Couple this with the DBP staff and complete remodel process and you have a system that provides each homeowner with a professional detailed remodel experience. In summary, DBP has set the standard in today’s remodeling industry. I’m proud to say I model many of their standards within my own remodeling firm and am very grateful for their continued advice and tutelage over the years ~ DV click here for the review on Houzz.com

I have known Neil Parsons for over 20 years. He is one of two people to have had a major influence on my business and customer relations. I had the pleasure to have worked with him on numerous projects. As his helper, we performed big additions down to one window replacement. There was a job that we completed that will always be remembered because of the unusual request. We had to install sheets of lead in an entertainment room for an acoustical engineer. Neil methodically did his research on different adhesives and presented the client with the 3 best choices, explaining the pros and cons for each one and his method of installation The job ran smooth and the client was extremely happy. Neil always takes the time to explain every phase of the project to his clients to make sure they understand the job at hand and more importantly, to make sure they feel comfortable during the entire project.  Featured on Houzz, He is driven to separate himself from the average home improvement contractor by providing above average service and customer communication.  Plus, with the assistance of Jason, they both raise the bar in the home improvement industry. It is still a pleasure to be involved with the projects that they design ~ MM click here for the review on Houzz

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