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Exotic Wood Veneer Cabinetry

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Exotic Wood Veneer Cabinetry for Perfect Style on a Budget

exotic wood veneer cabinetry - Design Build Planners (1)In selecting kitchen cabinetry, there is a certain prejudice against veneer and in favor of solid wood, even if there are more arguments in favor of the former than the latter. It’s mostly a matter of habit; people have grown up in homes with furniture made of solid wood, and they associate it with the stability of their childhood, while veneer represents the cheaper, more volatile years that followed.

If you’re one of those people who selects solid wood without a second thought, but without any real motive behind your selection, you might want to take a few moments and reconsider your options. For one thing, the industry has changed drastically in the recent years, with major improvements all over the place. There are examples of exotic wood veneer cabinetry available today that would put to shame any piece of solid wood you could find.

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