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Organizing Your Closet

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Organizing Your Closet (1)-Design Build PlannersOrganizing Your Closet

You have just bought a brand new wardrobe, but looking in your closet you have discovered that there is not room. In fact, you have a lot of clothing that you don’t need. Yes my friend, it is time to develop a closet system and organize your closet. Here are 3 easy steps:

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Two Island Kitchen for The Cooking Enthusiast

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Compromise is a natural part of home design — particularly in kitchens. Whether due to budget, space or storage limitations, kitchens can be challenging. Of course, the compromises pile up even higher when you’re sharing your kitchen with someone else. Running into each other at the stove, sink and countertop seems inevitable, no matter how big your kitchen is. Is argument-free cooking actually possible? Continue reading

Walk-In Closet Designs and Ideas

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Many of us dream about the walk-in closet with built-in storage to maximize our wardrobe potential and keep us neatly organized. Now that we have done our spring cleaning and purged what we could, let’s organize what remains (which always still seems like way too much) for maximum efficiency and good looks.

We have been designing larger closet spaces for master bedroom suites as it has become a common homeowner request. Common elements include a sitting area, make-up vanity, and an island. Continue reading