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Are Remodelers Taking a Fresh Look at Siding Options?

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Are Remodelers Taking a Fresh Look at Vinyl Siding?

Hardi Plank - Design Build Planners Remodeler Network (2)Recently, Tess Wittler wrote an article for Professional Remodeler Magazine examining the decline of vinyl siding. According to the article, “Vinyl siding has lost traction in the exterior cladding market every year since 2007. While vinyl siding is still the top choice across the U.S. and Canada, its market share fell from 39 percent in 2003 to 27 percent by 2013.

While vinyl siding is the first thing to pops into your head when considering an exterior remodel, the fast emerging option is Hardi-Plank cement fiber. Including installation, vinyl siding is approximately $100 less per square foot.

So how do Neil Parsons and the Design Build Planners accommodate the desire to move away from vinyl, but still be cognizant of the budget?

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Think Pink in October for a Worthy Cause and Remodeling

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Pink Breast Cancer RibbonThe color pink is synonymous with many things. In particular, October is breast cancer awareness month. All throughout the month, you will be seeing pink ribbons, which is the symbol for the cause of breast cancer awareness. The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation is the most widely known, largest and best-funded breast cancer organization in the United States. They are credited with first using the pink ribbons in 1991. In fact, every Sunday, you’ll notice a lot more pink when you’re watching football. The NFL allows for players to wear pink accessories, in support of the cause. Continue reading

Vinyl Siding Cleaning Tips

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A newly vinyl sided home, when professionally installed using quality materials will greatly improve the curb appeal. Vinyl Siding is a very low maintenance building material, but not completely maintenance free, especially if you want to extend the life and beauty.


Here are a few tips from the authority, the Vinyl Siding Institute:

How do I wash vinyl siding?
Wash vinyl siding with a soft cloth or ordinary long-handled, soft bristle brush. For textured surfaces, use only a soft bristle brush to keep the grooves in the texture stain-free. For best results, start at the bottom of the house and work up and rinse the cleaning solution completely before it dries. If your house has brick facing, cover the brick so that it is not affected by the runoff. Continue reading

Vinyl Siding Will Warp From a Hot BBQ Grill

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Summer is perfect for BBQ grills, but vinyl siding is not. Vinyl siding is made from organic materials and can melt when exposed to a significant heat source. Therefore, an outdoor BBQ should be placed a minimum of three feet from any vinyl-sided wall.

I recall occasions that a homeowner would phone in about a warranty claim for their vinyl siding warping. Upon inspection, noting that the severely warped area was approximately 3′ wide and 2′ high and 4′ above the deck and patio, it is clear that the cause was a hot BBQ placed too close. Continue reading